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Notes from the Fall Conference

The last two days I exhibited my business at the Colorado Nonprofit Association‘s Fall Conference and spoke with dozens of people in the nonprofit world. What did I learn?

1. “Good” Chocolate

I quickly became known as the exhibitor with the best chocolate since I offered Ghirardelli. Who would have thought with a demographic consisting mainly of women that chocolate would be such a big hit. Ha!

2. Nonprofits Need My Services

From the people I spoke with it became clear that many were balancing their current jobs with trying to do communications work as well. Quite often this was the case of those working in the development department. While I can how communications and development are complimentary business since I often present my business with MD Fundraising Services, a non-profit development contractor, it isn’t a one-person fits all. All too often the development person feels overwhelmed by communications or simply doesn’t have the skill set to produce articles and marketing pieces that attract donors. If you are one of those trying to do too much consider hiring me to be your partner in helping you succeed.

3. Nonprofits are Trying to Hire Jack-of-all-Trades Employees

I spoke with a lady who asked me if I did the IT side with hardware. I immediately responded “No, that is two different skill and mind sets.” She immediately nodded her head and said that the nonprofit had tried to hire an IT/Communications person, but that it only lasted 3 months. The person just couldn’t handle all the different aspects of the job. This happens all too often. I often speak on how difficult it can be to write and code websites. They are two different mindsets. I have been lucky that I can bridge that gap. This is what my business is for. Consider hiring me instead of trying to fill a large need with one full-time person. Break it down into pieces and let the experts help you meet your need.

At the end of the day it was a great conference. I hope that those who I spoke with were able to think about their communications efforts in a new way and I look forward to speaking with them again. See you next year!

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