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Multiple Resumes and LinkedIn

Published on November 17, 2011 by in General

As I was meeting with a job seeker today, we inevitably discussed LinkedIn as one of the pieces to finding a job. Interestingly she had decided not to have a Linkedin profile right away. Being the curious guy I am, I drilled away until I uncorked the reason and boy was it a good one.

Remember way back when we used to have several different resumes for different types of jobs we wanted. Well that is exactly what she has. She has graduate level college experience that she noted some job postings didn’t ask for. As she accurately stated that some jobs might be a perfect fit for her, but she might be over qualified. So, she would like to send them a resume without her high-level coursework.

What does that have to do with LinkedIn? Well… You can’t have it both ways on LinkedIn. If you list your graduate experience on LinkedIn, you can’t then hide it when say a headhunter looks at it. In essence you can’t tailor your ‘digital’ resume for the job. Either you list it and they see it all or you don’t list it and nobody sees it.

You might then think that it would be better for her not to have a LinkedIn profile. Well, you might be right except she also pointed out that she met a headhunter from Monster who point blank said if she didn’t have a LinkedIn profile that it meant she was hiding something. The thought goes along the lines that since it is so widely used, if you don’t use it then you have something to hide. And if you were thinking above that she could simply make part of her profile private then the headhunter would definitely think she was hiding something.

In this economy, many people are taking whatever job they can. Unfortunately, employers aren’t always thinking along the same lines. They tend to think if someone is over qualified, no matter the economy, they don’t get the job. I have heard many a story of a highly qualified individual who simply isn’t hirable because they are over-qualified.

What would you do with type of issue? I, frankly, don’t know.

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