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How to Find Good Designers

Published on July 16, 2012 by in Design

Written by: Guest Blogger Zuhair Siddiqui

The task of finding the best designer for your requirements is difficult, but following a process can make it easier. While browsing through designer’s portfolios can give you a good indication of the capabilities of the designer, it can often be difficult to judge a designer on their website/portfolio alone, since many portfolios resemble each other. However, once you can determine the specifics of what you want the designer to work on, it can be a fairly simple task to browse various designers’ portfolios and find a suitable designer.

How to Find Good Designers

Finding a good designers for your needs doesn’t need to be difficult process if you know what you need and how to ask your questions.

Determine the needs of your business

This is the first step in the process of finding a good designer. You cannot choose a suitable designer unless you know exactly what you want from the designer. Understanding your business’s design strategy is imperative, as it allows you to determine the tasks you want the designer to undertake. After you have defined what your business needs and know what a good designer is capable of, you can set out to look at the portfolios of designers.

Judging a Designer

When looking through a designer’s portfolio, pay close attention to the presentation of the site. The site must be cleanly organized, with concise explanations of the projects completed by the designer. Designer’s with long project histories are obviously going to be more experienced in their field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best in the business. When you know what makes a good designer, you can very quickly get an idea of the abilities of the designer from their portfolio. Good designers generally know how to be impactful in a few clicks and can engage the viewer with their work, so be vigilant of the user friendliness of the designer’s portfolio.

Prepare interview questions

While a portfolio can tell you a lot about the abilities of the designer, it doesn’t allow you to effectively determine the suitability of the designer to your project. After short listing designers, you need to speak to them and ask them questions that will help you determine their suitability to the project. Important decisions should be left to the interviewing stage and not made just by looking through portfolios. In saying that, candidates should be short listed on the basis of the designer’s ability in showing off his abilities via the overall design and feel of the portfolio and through the design projects published on it.

The process of selecting the best designer for your needs is no doubt a tricky one. You not only need to analyse the presentation of the designer’s portfolio, but you also need to interview them to determine their suitability for the project.  If you are not a designer then determining which designer is best for your project can be a difficult proposition. In this case, it is advisable to seek assistance from professional designers, as they can review portfolios and make better judgements on the abilities of the designer. Companies like Starmen can help in brand development for your business, so if you are struggling to find a suitable designer on your own feel free to consult an expert designer from Starmen.

By Zuhair Siddiqui, a well-rounded guestwriter for StarmenUSA. StarmenUSA is a creative, branding and web design agency in Los Angeles. The company strives to create a most unique and interactive experience through it’s works. 

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