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Home Marketing Six Facebook Marketing Tips for Photographers

Six Facebook Marketing Tips for Photographers

As a photographer on Facebook, are you doing all you can to promote your business and attract new clients? Here are some Facebook marketing tips for photographers in particular that will increase your success.

Six Facebook Marketing Tips

Are you a photographer in need of a social presence? Here are six tips for marketing on Facebook.

Create a Page, Not a Profile
Even though you’re an individual photographer, you need to create a business page rather than a profile. A business page will allow you to get “likes” and have fans rather than friends. It will make your business visible to everyone, and you can create a unique URL. This way you can keep your Facebook profile for personal interaction with friends and family, and your page for business.

Use Facebook Insights
The best thing about having a Facebook page is that Facebook will give you access to valuable analytics and metrics about your page with Insights. You can monitor the activity of your fans with your page, and this will help you fine tune your Facebook marketing strategy. Find out which of your posts are the most popular, for example, or at what time of day the most people seem to be commenting on your posts.

Brand Yourself
Branding is important for any business. If you already have a logo, use it as your Facebook icon. Incorporate elements of your brand, such as its colors, into your theme. You should know the image you want to portray. Is your photography edgy? Graphic? Formal? Who is your clientele? You need to consider these things with every post you make so you can ensure that all your content is consistent with the image you’re trying to portray. This will make you recognizable and distinct.

Be Careful with Your Cover
What you put as your cover photo is a very important decision. Because you’re a photographer, anyone who looks at your page will expect to see an amazing cover photo. It’s the first impression people will get about the quality of your work. Choose a photo that represents you well, and make sure it’s appropriately sized for the cover spot. If it’s cut off, it will look unprofessional or sloppy.

Offer Value
If you want to have fans, you need to give them something useful in return for their “likes.” You have a particular skill and knowledge base, so share it. People appreciate learning how to take better photos, so give helpful tips and advice and give them links to good articles. When you share some of your expertise, it demonstrates to your fans that you know what you’re doing and aren’t an amateur.

Connect with Other Photographers
Facebook doesn’t just have to be a place for you to connect with clients and potential clients. Use it as a way to connect with other photographers and people in the industry. You never know when a connection could lead you to a gig or help you improve your own skills. Facebook is an excellent place for you to network and get involved with the photography community in addition to your local one.  

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