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The Impact of Social Media on SEO

Published on April 18, 2013 by in SEO

In the post-penguin web world, it’s no longer sufficient to create a business website and expect it to work. SEO is dependent on a variety of key factors, such as keyword optimization, great content and the more recent one, right connections via social media. If your business is new to the online world, you might wonder, ‘how on Earth can social media influence my website’s SEO?’ But in reality, your SEO and social media have deeper connections than you can imagine.

The Impact of Social Media on SEO

How does Social Media impact SEO? Find out with this handy guide.

Social Media Translates to Quality Engagement

Your social media popularity is proportional to the quality of your customer engagement, which extends beyond shares, follows, repins or likes. Achieving these metrics is exactly like winning just half the battle. In the world of digital marketing, the direct measure of our success is the number of conversions our efforts have led to. Your business may have a thousand followers on Twitter, but for a prospective customer, your accessibility and the quality of your service is what matters the most.

And trust us; search engines are going to love your social efforts, and eventually you. So, providing an enriching experience to your customers can more aptly be termed as social media connectivity, than merely likes and shares. And it will up your SEO quotient in the process.

Recent Likes and Shares Indicate Fresh and Interesting Content and hence Better Listing

Leading search engines such as Google and Bing rank your web page based on the extent of your social media presence. These use retweets, shares, and mentions of your content as sort of a ‘social proof’ of your popularity. An apt analogy of these social mentions of your website is getting votes. The greater the number and better the quality of votes, higher is the probability of you being considered an authority on the subject (here, your web page/website/domain). This translates to better search engine rankings for your targeted keywords. Hence, social media aids search engines to locate and index your content faster.

Align Your Social Media with SEO to Gain Visibility and Boost Conversions

Promoting your quality content via social networks will not only increase your domain authority, improve your following and drive better traffic to your website, but will also optimize it for search engine relevance with the help of social signals. Social mentions like tweets, likes and +1s, hence, are no longer merely means of secondary traffic generations. These have actually started controlling your SERP rankings.

As a prudent professional, you would want to save on organizational time and resources. Make the most of your efforts by aligning all mediums that generate traffic. And this is the only key to the online success of your business. Hence, gear up your efforts in the right direction. Now is the time to integrate your SEO principles with social media skills, search engines’ favorite formula these days!

Can you think of more ways in which social media and SEO can be connected? We’ll be glad to hear you out.

Yasir Khan is a Canadian SEO strategist and founder of Quantum SEO Labs. He specializes in offering customised SEO services and link building solutions that actually work.

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