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5 College Degrees That Will Help Make Your Startup Successful

Published on June 23, 2016 by in Guest Post

While many people assume you need an MBA to be a successful entrepreneur, a variety of college degrees can be beneficial in helping to create a successful business. While many aspects go into making a business successful, a number of different degrees can provide a surprising amount of preparation for starting a business and helping it grow. To find out which degrees will make any startup successful, here are some of the most popular degrees held by entrepreneurs.

To make any business successful, excellent command of the English language is imperative. Therefore, if you’ve got skills resembling a professional writer, you’re already ahead of the competition. Today’s degrees in English teach skills in search engine optimization and other areas related to technology, enabling English majors to have an edge in developing business plans that can be presented to investors.

To make any business successful, it’s imperative you understand how consumers think. Therefore, a degree in Psychology can allow a businessperson to gain a better understanding of market research, consumer psychology, effective communication methods, and so forth. In fact, many entrepreneurs who gain a degree in Psychology often choose to further their education by obtaining a master’s of science in applied psychology online.

A common degree for many entrepreneurs, having accounting skills can be extremely important when it comes to knowing the best ways to generate revenue while limiting expenses. In addition, it also lets business owners have more confidence when speaking with investors or lenders, enabling them to speak the same language when it comes to financing.

Information Technology
With this degree, any entrepreneur can have a level of technical knowledge that will serve them well in a number of different areas. Whether it’s developing a website or even creating an app for your business, this degree can help any business go to the next level.

Yes, for those deep thinkers who like to read Plato, a degree in Philosophy can actually be great preparation for starting a business. Learning critical thinking skills, how to see situations from many different perspectives, and thinking outside the box can all be had with a Philosophy degree.

Whether a person wants to major in a traditional business degree program such as Accounting or would prefer to step to the beat of a different drummer by obtaining a Philosophy degree, this list proves that there is more than one way to gain an education that will lead to business success.

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