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Home Guest Post Is Your Data Safe? 4 Signs Your Company Is Vulnerable to Breaches

Is Your Data Safe? 4 Signs Your Company Is Vulnerable to Breaches

Published on June 13, 2016 by in Guest Post
Hacker typing on a laptop

Hacker typing on a laptop

Companies are more vulnerable to attacks due to all the new technological advances. Some people are using mobile phones as their computer on the go. They can use them to access company data putting the information at risk due to applications infected by malware. Disgruntled employees who work in the IT department can quickly take down a computer network. Unpatched wireless devices and third party services could also pose a threat to the organization’s security. Here are four signs you need to take a second look at the security of your company’s data.

Mobile Devices

Numerous employees share data with each other via mobile phones. Not everyone changes his or her password on cell phones. Mobile apps can easily carry malware. If shared on the computer network, it could affect everyone. Removing malware from a computer system is costly. The company would have to pay to get the infected files removed as well as the labor. According to IT statistical data, mobile phones pose a serious threat to a company’s network.

Unhappy Employees

Some employees go overboard when it comes to tackling conflicts on the job. Instead of communicating concerns to management, they take matters into their hands and do the unthinkable. It is even more dangerous if the employees work in the IT department. They are familiar with the technology and the setup, so they can easily employ techniques to damage the computer system. Be sure to keep your hand on the pulse of your employees’ morale.

Unpatched Wireless Devices

Wireless devices made by some companies are vulnerable to attacks. Devices such as routers and printers use software or firmware to get them up and running. Some of the software cannot get updated with the latest threat prevention. They are missing patches needed to update them. Leaving such devices in the computer network could cause harm. People familiar with the knowledge could use those tools as a way to gain access to secured files. Ottawa IT services offered by Bedrock IT and similar providers can help you institute the necessary security patches.

Third Party Services

Companies that outsource their Point of Sale (POS) are vulnerable to attacks. Outside vendors have remote access to the organization’s computer network. Some of these vendors do not always follow security protocol. Instead of using different passwords for all their clients, they use the same passwords. All it takes is one hacker to gain access to the password. The hacker would have access to all the companies involved.


Business owners need to become aware of the serious threat individual devices can cause to their system. One way to tackle the problem is to make a note of the location of all sensitive data. Afterward, take steps to protect the data from hackers and malware. The IT department could install a patch management program to deal with the unpatched wireless devices. Finally, have third party services authenticate their credentials.

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