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Steps for Bringing Your Business around to the 21st Century

Published on June 1, 2016 by in Guest Post

Companies that want to remain competitive in a modern business environment need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. Many of these technological tools will increase office efficiency and brand awareness while reducing costs. If you feel you are lagging behind, or just aren’t up to speed on some of this new technology, use these tools to see if you can improve processes and make your company more streamlined.

Steps for Bringing Your Business around to the 21st Century

Mobile Apps
Most business owners recognize the need to offer mobile friendly websites. Many also recognize the value in integrating mobile apps into the consumer experience. However, most companies are unaware that there are many inexpensive solutions that allow businesses to create their own app for consumers. Publishing a working app that offers relevant benefits and functions will give open up new opportunities for business expansion. According to Entrepreneur magazine, companies that release apps must understand their target audience and define what they expect to achieve. Know what will connect with your audience and how they will use these apps most.

Create an Insightful Blog
The best way to increase product or service credibility is through blogging. An official blog allows experienced employees to share relevant and meaningful content with readers. For example, a financial service company can provide tips for first-time homeowners and for those struggling with mortgage debt. On the other hand, a health foods company can incorporate scientific research that promotes well-being into their published content. Either way, blogs should offer actionable advice and industry insight. Update these often and keep them relevant to what readers want to know.

Effectively Use Social Media
Many companies try to become active on social media without any clear goals or guidelines. Every company needs a social media strategy that becomes part of overall digital marketing efforts. When properly managed, social media platforms can increase brand awareness for startups. For existing companies, they can use social media to improve their image and reputation. For companies that are struggling to remain competitive, social media can be used to target niche markets and establish loyal online communities of consumers.

Offer New Payment Options
Gone are the days when companies only accepted Visa or MasterCard. Today, you need to offer alternative payment options on your website. Offering new payment processing methods will allow companies to tap into lucrative markets through reaching out to global consumers and local consumers who simply prefer not to use credit cards. Some of the most popular online payment systems include PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and Google Wallet. Offering alternative payment methods will maximize revenue and increase online conversions.

Finally, be sure to protect your company’s technological assets through investing in security programs and employee training. Having well-trained IT employees, such as those with a master’s degree in information security, will protect data and increase your overall efficiency.

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