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How to Write a Striking Resume

Published on July 5, 2016 by in Guest Post
Photo Courtesy of Static Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Static Flickr

Your resume is verified and looks great, but you still can’t get the job of your dream? Drawing the attention of HR-specialists may be difficult, especially if you send the CV to a large company, where the manager gets hundreds of emails daily. Thus, the only way out is to be somehow different from others. But how to achieve it, avoiding mistakes?

Buzz Essay writers have studied the most successful CVs and compiled a list of 10 best recommendations.

#1 One Job Vacancy – One CV

Yes, this is the advice from the category of truths, but for some reason, the applicants continue to be lazy and send the same resume to completely different companies and positions. Naturally, the results of such a delivery are far from perfect.

Be smarter: learn more about the job and the employer. Study the website, the communities in social networks, press releases, etc. In other words, get as much data as you can. The collected information will help you to place the emphasis on skills and merits that are in priority of the company.

#2 Focus on the Employer’s Needs

It’s quite important to clarify your motivation and interest. However, to be fair, an explanatory story about the benefits that you are able to bring will be much more important to the company. A skillful self-marketing is right what you need.

Since you sell services on the labor market, you have to be able to present them. Do not write an autobiography – remain the key information relevant to the selected employer.

#3 Carefully Play With Fonts

Standard Microsoft Word template won’t make you special. I don’t mean you should use infographics, but try to make the CV clear and easy to navigate. Divide all the text into several blocks, select readable fonts and highlight in bold most important.

#4 Use Facts and Figures to Proof Your Expertise and Professionalism

Everyone can write that he’s experienced and skillful. But these words are absolutely empty. Give specific facts to prove all the stated achievements. Do not forget about the simple principle: if someone who you know personally could write in your resume the same facts and does not lie, these facts are not special and should be excluded.

#5 Specify Really Interesting Interests

No one wants to hire a boring and inactive person. If there is nothing to talk about, probably you just haven’t thought seriously about the importance of your favorite activities.

Do not bring fictional hobbies. By the way, do not be shy to state interests that are somehow related to your future possible duties.

Photo Courtesy of The Blue Diamond Gallery

Photo Courtesy of The Blue Diamond Gallery

#6 Do not Forget to Show Your Volunteer Experience

If you’ve ever participated in any event on a voluntary basis, feel free to state it in the CV. The fact that you’re diligent and mercantile is an additional bonus. From the point of view of the employer, the money shouldn’t be the only factor that motivates you.

#7 Be Socially Active

Participate in exhibitions and communities, attend special courses, etc. There’s a harsh way, but at the end of it, you may see the lightJ. Let the employer evaluate you at a stressful atmosphere or in conditions close to the future job.

#8 Attend the Company’s Meetings

Another indirect way to promote yourself is to attend the event held by the company. Try to meet and talk with the maximum number of employees instead of bothering the same HR-manager every time. The comments like “Seems like I’ve met you somewhere” will give you much more credits than a single opinion.

#9 Behave Like a Businessman

Take business behavior as a constant. Even if you’re going to apply to IT company that sticks to an informal style. Serious intentions = serious work. Yes, you may turn to an informal style in communicating and dressing, but only if the employer let you do this.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

 #10 Use Insights

Nothing will help you more than recommendations from the current employees. Look for friends, acquaintances, right connections, etc. The right person is usually at the distance of only a few handshakes. It would be great the CV will be strengthened with the feedback from colleagues.  Well, even a by-the-way reference is much better than nothing.


Lucy Adams is an open-hearted blogger from BuzzEssay.com. Her papers are available by this url. Lucy is a generalist able to cover a variety of topics. Thus, feel free to share your craziest ideas and get a well-thought research on the most burning topics in return.

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