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How to Build Up Your Brand Platform Online and Off

Every business needs a brand platform. Creating a brand and logo for a startup or new business requires studying the relationship between your target markets and your specific business offerings. A brand platform is the basic structure of sales and marketing of the business offering that creates the broadest range of visibility and branding within a particular market. But how do you make sure your platform is built up properly online and off? Here are some ideas for how to strike a balance between both.

how-to-build-up-your-brand-platform-online-and-offHow to Build a Brand Platform

The brand platform you create for your company consists of operatives and business plans you want to use for most of your sales and marketing campaigns. The brand platform is founded upon proven track records of product and/or service viability. What the brand platform must include is specificity and buyer psychology. These are added through a study of the overall business competition and customer buying habits.

The more unique products and/or services there are, the more closely the brand platform needs to fit the business image. For example, if the business offering is comprised of a product and a service, the brand platform should relate the uniqueness of the products compared to its competitors. Place greater accent on excellent service by demonstrating business experience, skills, and talents.

Image and Visibility

Once a brand platform is structured and implemented, it is time to build upon the components. To do this, consistency in advertising and promotion is required. As an example, the sales and marketing visibility of logos, brand “promises” and business image should remain consistent both online and off. This means things are consistent and offer the same image through your website and on your company building. However, it is also important to stylize these components so they meet social media protocols and venues online and local markets offline.

Brand Language

To learn how to build up your brand, it is necessary for business owners to qualify each word in their advertising, promotion and event content. This helps embed the brand more deeply and makes the brand platform significantly more successful. Use phrases that connect to your industry, service, or product as you advertise. Make sure the message is consistent throughout your marketing techniques and helps to define what you do and who you are. This is true for your website language and content as well as face to face conversations. If you do sales or call center marketing as part of your offline efforts, partnering with experts like Powerhouse Consulting can help you to develop specific scripts that incorporate key phrases which can be a great addition as well.

The Brand Platform Pyramid
Think of your brand platform as a pyramid with the business name at the top of the pyramid, and the underlying structure composed of products and/or services, PR venues with proven track record, and a foundation based on solid business relationships with customers. Within each of the levels of the pyramid there should be room for outward and upward growth. Taking part in local events and business associations can be an extension of customer relations. Similarly, industry events become an extension of online and offline visibility that ensures business growth. Use these offline events and venues to start new relationships, networking and selling. You’ll also want to think of ways to market online to build up your base through social media, google searches and stellar content.

Building a brand is never easy. Your business will have to consider all facets of who they market and appeal to most. Use both online and offline methods to market to the right crowd and watch your business grow.

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