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5 Types of Software Your Business Needs to Invest in

5 Types of Software Your Business Needs to Invest inThere has been such a surge in the introduction of new technologies in just the last ten years that it is difficult for business leaders and even employees to keep up. There is ample incentive, however, for all businesspeople, no matter how modest their company is, to look into the possibility of using new and powerful technology to improve their products and services. Here are some new technologies to consider.

Local Search

The ability to search the web has changed the world in many ways. What has been far too often overlooked is the fact most computer users can’t perform a similar search on their own data. There have been some attempts to remedy this vacuum with features like Spotlight and applications like Beagle. By and large, though, they haven’t been adopted by businesses yet. This has the potential to be a major game changer, as the overwhelming majority of most companies’ institutional knowledge is not published online.

Voice to Text

The one-button feature built in to many mobile phones that allows users to translate spoken questions and communications into text is among the most popular and with good reason. Voice to text applications have a long history dating back to the earliest PCs, and the speed they make available to users is worth every penny spent on them, because it maximizes efficiency and allows users to perform data entry tasks in fractions of the time it would take to do it manually.

On-Demand Office Space

Many companies maintain a large “in the field” workforce and, therefore, have to make provision for shared offices on a flexible and dynamic schedule. This is known in the industry as hot desking. Like the shared office suite and remote work arrangement industry standards, hot desking allows companies to maximize the utility of physical workspaces through Add-On and other types of special software.

Digital Photography

Cameras with unlimited film are so recent that their potential uses haven’t even been fully considered yet. The document archival possibilities alone (especially if combined with optical character recognition or OCR) are intriguing enough that any company that needs to advertise (pretty much every business out there) should invest in this technology. Although it is pretty common now, it is especially useful when posting pictures on websites and social media. Just make sure that whichever camera that you’re using is of the best quality—such as a new Canon or Sony.

Desktop Databases

The formats businesses store their data in are crucial, yet most companies use computer technology to build the digital equivalent of the “shoebox full of receipts” common to stories about disorganized enterprises. Industrial-grade databases with very powerful features are available at minimal cost now that would give those businesses a much better means of managing their information. If combined with some of these other technologies, local databases would become even more powerful.

Technology management isn’t easy. It requires a considerable time investment and more than a little patience. Ultimately, however, the benefits are more than likely to outweigh the costs, and the effects of better and more efficient management practices are likely to register throughout the enterprise.

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