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How to Create a Website That Benefits the Customer & Your Business

Many people, including writers, often wonder how writing for a website or writing content for multiple site if different than writing a book or for a magazine. Content writing and web creation is an art form. Website visitors like to skim or read short bursts of text, so condensing information is key. If you can’t create content that readers can quickly find, they will bounce from your site quickly. Here are several tips to creating a site that will benefit your customers and your business.

Create a Page Summarizing the Duties

This page is likely the most important page for new visitors to see. Many people call it an “About” or “What We Do” page. A good example of a quality “What We Do” page is located on the Carter West site, because it is clear about what exactly it is that they do and the services that they provide. This makes it a lot easier for visitors to the site to know whether or not their needs can be met there. It also perfectly summarizes what the company’s functions are, and it acts almost like a table of contents for the entire website for people who do not feel like navigating the entire thing to find just one piece of pertinent information.

Make Your Content Valuable and Relevant

When a user types a word or phrase in a search engine like Bing or Google, they expect, and usually get, results providing relevant information to their query. If they decide to click on your site and your SEO is geared towards their search but offers outdated or irrelevant information, they will leave your site and move on to the next one. To prevent that from happening, make sure your website offers value to the topic it advertises its focus on.

Keep Your Content Concise

There is no need to write a novel on a website. Remember, most visitors are skimmers looking for specific information. Use headers, table of contents and “what we do” pages to keep informative, concise information under the proper topic heading.

Use the Inverted Pyramid Method

Many people believe they have to build to the conclusion when they write, and it is true, but not for websites. If you want to help your business and customers, begin with the conclusion and work down. You will give them their answer and the most important details first.

These four tips will help you create a website full of valuable and concise content. Always remember to put yourself in your readers’ shoes when creating a site. Create it to load fast and offer the most sought after information fast. All additional content added should follow the same format. If you stick to these tips, your website will attract repeat buyers and readers and bolster your business.

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