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Top Eco-Friendly Technologies That are Cleaning Up Earth

We all hope technology will someday make all of the world’s problems go away, especially environmental. It is something mankind hopes to master to lead it into a new utopia. There have been plenty of books written and movies made about it. Then, there is the dystopian aspect. Our imaginations wander to places of robot overlords and techno-fascism. It could probably go either way, but technology has greatly harmed the planet in the past. Now, technology is seeking to heal and improve the environment, especially lately since we have all gone “green” as a culture in the western world. Below, are four example of how tech has improved the ecosystem.

Environmentally Safe Waste Water and Septic Treatment

There are several new water treatment plants and septic systems, such as those provided by Econocycle, that use a natural system of energy sustainable methods to treat commercial and residential wastewater. What makes this type of water treatment plant truly different is that it doesn’t use other power or resources for treating, which is a great resource for those who are trying to decrease the amount of energy that they use.

Commercialized Carbon

No one ever seems to have the answer to carbon, and carbon being politicized and taxed make people even more suspicious. There is a way to put it to good use, though. There are two carbon capturing companies known as Global Thermostat and Carbon Engineering, which are able to harness carbon and turn it into something of value. Basically, they are recycling carbon into a variety of applications and low-carbon fuels.

Tree Root Protection

We all know that planting trees is good for the environment. It’s something that we all want to do, right? Yet, there is one issue standing in our way from planting millions all over the earth—trees need the ideal soil composition. A new technology known as Silva Cells solves the conundrum. It is a system, which transfers inner city trees to less compacted soil. This leads to urban forestry. Urban forestry boosts energy efficiency in housing, removes air pollutants and reduces storm water runoff.

Flyover Country

Believe it or not, drones are considered crucial environmental technology. They are able to make a tally of animals over wildlife reserves and easily spot poachers. Because of this and other details, they assist in the protection of endangered species all over the world. While those drones save endangered animals, there are other drones surveying crops, which leads to a drastic decrease in farming inputs like fertilizer and water.

Those were four of a plethora of examples. Mankind has hurt the planet before it knew better, but we know now. Scientists and activists the world over have desperately been trying to clean up the “mess” we have caused and set things right. We can only hope the tech advances even more, so we can all enjoy the utopia and avoid the dystopia.

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