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5 Key Steps to Successful Law Firm Marketing

Published on June 19, 2017 by in Guest Post

You already know that law firm marketing is important. The real question is how to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible. Here are five tips to make your law firm marketing successful:

1. Write meaningful web content

It’s important that your online content has real substance to it. Prospective clients want to know that you genuinely care about their legal problems, and they’re looking for informative answers to their legal questions. If they find those answers on your website, they’re much more likely to pick up the phone to call you. If they think you’re just using buzzwords to generate website hits, they’re going to move on.

In your marketing efforts, think of questions people have about your areas of practice. Then, write website content and blog articles that address these issues. Not only does your website rank well when people search for answers to these questions, you start to establish a reputation with your clients as credible.

2. Target your ads

Technology makes marketing more specific than ever before. Database searches and consumer stats are at our fingertips. That mean that you can make sure that you can use your advertising dollars to reach clients that are looking for you. If you use online ads, you can limit them to run in a specific geographic location, or you can limit them to people searching specific terms.

3. Include a call to action

A potential client needs to know what you want them to do. They might not think to pick up the phone to call you if you don’t ask them to. Make sure that your website, blog articles and ads end with a statement that asks the potential client to call you for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

4. Define your voice and stay consistent

Think about what type of law firm you want to be. Do you want to be the kind and compassionate lawyers who offer an understanding ear? Do you want to be aggressive lawyers who go for the win at all costs? Do you want to be the firm that helps clients brainstorm for solutions to their problems? There are a number of different voices you can choose to have online. It’s important that your online presence stays consistent, and that you use the same tone of voice in all of your online material.

5. Don’t just stop with great ads

Great law firm ads can make the phone ring. While that’s great, law firm marketing doesn’t stop there. According to The Rainmaker Institute, you need to focus on turning phone calls into clients. A lead that turns into a real client is called a conversion.

There are a number of things that you can do to have a higher conversion rate. These might include making sure there’s a real, live person to answer the phone, making client appointments available on short notice and implementing email updates to keep potential clients thinking about your services. Working with a specialized service such as The Rainmaker Institute can help you address all levels of your marketing efforts and ultimately result in more clients.

Successful online marketing can result in more law firm revenue several times over. When done right, online marketing is cost effective and a great way to reach out to potential new clients. Ultimately, the right marketing can grow your practice and your bottom line.

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