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5 Reasons to Consider Third-Party Marketing for Your Business

Many companies will hire third-party marketing firms to augment or even replace their own marketing efforts. This is often the case with startups who are still exploring their marketplace and need guidance. Specialty firms such as attorneys or financial companies may choose to focus their efforts on the business operations they know well, and budget customer acquisition to experienced marketers. Whatever the rationale behind it, choosing a good marketing service can provide your company with several advantages.

1. Reliable Performance

This is often a principal reason to retain a third-party marketer. In this situation, your company is the client, and the marketer will work hard to ensure you get a consistent and productive level of service to retain your business. They also have the hardware, training and software to reach new customers via digital platforms such as social media and emails, and a deep understanding of SEO. By doing your own marketing, you’re very much dependent on your own infrastructure, whereas a successful marketing firm will have the latest hardware and software.

2. Compliance

A successful marketing firm can open and explore new opportunities. In the financial industry, certain firms such as hedge fund companies are not legally allowed to advertise directly to the public. However, they can do so through a third-party marketer. A marketing firm is therefore not only an advantage, but a necessary part of growing the business. The right marketing firm for your company will also understand the legalities and restrictions of marketing and advertising in your industry over different formats to stay in regulatory compliance.

3. Data Analysis

Marketing companies are constantly collecting and monitoring consumer and industry data to support their decision making process. This is done over most major social networks, email software, web interactions, feedback, and review sites, to name just a few platforms. Through statistical analysis, they can detect patterns and measure the success of their tactics to refine and improve your marketing campaigns. This kind of customer and purchase analysis could also work well with a third-party fulfillment center that can bring the same expertise to your product delivery.

4. Tools and Guidance

Most reputable marketing firms will keep you informed and engaged in the process. You may have a dedicated account manager to liaison with, or online interfaces so you can track progress and ROI on specific campaigns or overall efforts. Summary progress and cost reports are also usually provided. This way you can see exactly where your money goes. Most marketers are also keenly aware of and will consult and advise on things like brand integrity, market changes, and consumer responses that help you ultimately make improvements to your company.

5. Comprehensive Management

Finding and partnering with a good marketing firm will make your company growth easier and more effective. You can even control it by limiting your spending and setting certain goals the third-party firm should adhere to. The marketer can perform in-depth services such as defining and targeting specific market segments, setting up email accounts with targeted auto responders or mail forwarding to your own network, or providing the APIs to integrate with your own CRM or ERP platforms. The better the marketing firm, the more manageable the process.

Hiring a marketing firm can actually save you money, since there is no need to support a marketing staff internally, and the salaries and benefits that requires. By outsourcing your marketing or fulfillment needs, you’re gaining a team that already has considerable knowledge, experience, and resources in place. If you take the trouble to research and verify a third-party firm’s reputation and ability, and clarify your expectations, it’s a sound strategy for your business.

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