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5 Ways to Brand Your Small Business with Traditional Marketing

In 2017 one simply cannot deny the importance of digital marketing. Aside from giving you an astounding amount of data to analyze, a much greater outreach and far superior conversion rates, digital marketing also has the power to give you an incredible outreach. Unfortunately, it also has one significant downside.

Namely, seeing how all the interaction between you and your clients takes place in the digital world, it is much harder to establish trust between two parties due to depersonalized outreach methods of digital marketing. This is particularly troublesome when it comes to B2B outreach. With this in mind, here are five ways in which you can help the brand of your small business with traditional marketing.

1. Face-to-face meetings

Speaking of the B2B, decisions made here are usually as rational and calculated as possible, however, the impression you make in person may play a great part in this equation. For this, you may want to learn how to organize face-to-face meetings. Before you even start, you need to set some basic parameters, like the objectives of the meeting, who the attendees are and how you are going to measure the successfulness of the meeting. Once this is settled you need to focus on the execution, which starts with making a great first impression and following up accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that in order to set yourself apart, you need to find a way to make a strong overall impression on the other party.

2. Telemarketing

One of the problems with email outreach lies in the fact that its recipient has no idea of knowing if it was sent by an actual person. Even though not every mail-bot is malicious, people simply want you to set aside some time and attend to them personally. If you want them to deem you worth their money, you must first show them that they are worthy of your time and effort. Needless to say, this is exactly what you get with telemarketing. Furthermore, arranging meetings over the phone somehow seems much more professional than doing so through an IM software.

3. Promotional products

The key to every good marketing interaction lies in the idea that both parties get some value from it. For instance, when you write a great blog post, you gain an audience, while this audience gets some valuable information on the topic of their interest. In the world of traditional marketing, the easiest, and by far the most reliable way of creating value for both parties is by printing and distributing promotional products. In this way, a potential client gets something useful like a printed mug, stress ball or an umbrella with your logo on it, while you get this person one step closer to being loyal to your brand.

4. Networking

Another great idea that can help with the brand of your business lies in the notion of networking. By going to industry-related events, seminars and courses, you are likely to mingle with people from your own business niche. Even though some of them may consider you to be their direct competitor, there are also those who are willing to help a newcomer. This help can come in different forms, from redirecting additional work your way to giving you some tips on how to improve your company’s logistical infrastructure.

5. Get engaged in local affairs

Even though there is nothing that prevents you from hitting the global market right away, most startups usually start as local businesses. Here, you can go with anything from sponsoring local events to creating special promotions in your store. Be that as it may, in order to make a strong impression on the people in your nearest vicinity, you need to show them that you are deeply invested in issues and problems of the local community. Finally, keep in mind that by supporting other local businesses, you might just encourage them to return the favor. This connection stands to benefit both local market and your business.


Unfortunately, any list is too short to name all traditional marketing methods that are still viable in 2017. For instance, writing thank-you notes with your own hand can do wonders for your post-sale follow-up, while sending direct mail, may evoke the sense of nostalgia to work in the favor of your brand. Needless to say, when it comes to marketing, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and in order to uncover what works best for your business, you need to do a fair amount of research.

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