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5 Great Marketing Technologies for Maximum Impact

Marketing builds customer relationships and brand awareness. Without effective marketing tools you’re more likely to lose customers than to gain them. Inefficient marketing means lower revenue and limited growth. For your company to continue expanding in a digital age, you should consider some of the following marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing

Social platforms can grow awareness of your brand and products. However, this can be a big demand on your time. Facebook alone now has over 2 billion users. The answer is SMM software that employs analytics and search tools to track and measure the success of every post across multiple platforms and even automate posting of new content. These apps can also teach SMO (social media optimization) of your websites to develop the best social media strategies for leveraging this huge audience.

Content Management Systems

WordPress, for example, is a free CMS meant for bloggers, but there are other CMS platforms providing tools for needs such as educational or ecommerce sites. Most CMS solutions include HTML editors, easy software add-ons, document creation, image management, customer feedback, and SEO tools that allow you to easily add keywords, descriptions, and metatags to each page or post. A good CMS is essential to conserving time and effort on your content marketing.

Marketing Attribution Software

For marketers, attribution is identifying user actions, or “touch points,” performed in reaching a specific result, such as making a purchase or downloading a coupon. Each of these attributions, or events, is assigned a value based on its influence of customer decisions. Attribution software helps to track these values for more complete understanding of how the customer journey unfolds. You can easily determine what events are most impactful on the customer experience to increase your conversion rates.

Email Marketing Tools

Email is the faster, easier, and cheaper digital version of direct mail marketing. Software for email marketing isn’t new, but modern versions are more user-friendly and provide more features. Email software helps you to create multi-level correspondence such as newsletters or special offers and integrate it with customer lists from multiple sources for personalized messaging. It can also help you build and manage your email subscription list.


Enterprise resource planning software allows you to integrate a variety of tasks like inventory management, supply chains, scheduling, and much more into one centralized solution. ERP is perfect for providing wholesale distributors software, allowing you to establish and track metrics that drive sales and marketing activity. With your ERP data, you can make forecasts and plans to spot trends and align operations with sales initiatives and marketing campaigns. By integrating fact-based ERP, you ensure better customer satisfaction.

Not every software tool will be right for your business. But by visiting a company like Maximum Computer Systems and adapting your processes to key software tools such as those above, your marketing strategies will be more productive.

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