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6 Tips for Retaining Customers

With a highly competitive market, especially in the Ecommerce world, improving customer retention is not as simple as it may seem. Customers are crucial for any kind of business success. The more of them you succeed to attract and retain, the more successful and prosperous your business will be.

In order to keep your customers happy and stay relevant, you need to optimize your strategies for customer retention. If your strategy is already strong, you can always tweak and improve it. This article is a guide for the best customer retention strategies to keep your customers coming back.

1. Content marketing

Customer retention strategies can be improved through content marketing, as people are biased towards products/services which they have stumbled across online or heard about from friends. By improving your content marketing strategy, you can remain in the minds of your existing clients and reach a wider audience of potential customers as well.

2. Improve customer experience

By making the consumer decision-making process better and more user-friendly, you can improve your customer retention strategy. From when they come to your website for the first time to when they experience your product or service for the first time, each step in the process impacts how much your customers want to come back. You can create a positive customer experience and increase customer retention by improving: website design (layout, color scheme, styles, fonts, etc.), loading time of your website, device compatibility, copy quality, navigation options, purchasing funnel, product packaging, shipping time and delivery, usability of the product/service, transparency, and relevance and quality of your marketing communication.

3. Maintain your good reputation

It’s in your best interest to keep your reputation good, and one way to ensure that is to guarantee the quality of your offer. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you’re not trying to cheat, but are staying true to your promises. If you want to show your customers that you’re serious about being honest, you can back your claims with a surety bond. It obligates you to protect your customers if something goes astray and you fail to deliver what you promised. Compared to the worth of maintaining a good online reputation, paying a low surety bond cost is a small price to pay.

4. Respond to customer feedback

Whether positive or negative, customer feedback is essential to any business. Respond to feedback accordingly, and it will show your willingness to make sure their experience remains positive. What can you do to improve your customers’ experience? Well, you can ask them and listen, and in that way, they’ll know that their opinion is valued. If you want to gain a better understanding of their point of view, try walking in your customers’ shoes, and leverage that knowledge to position yourself better.

5. Give special perks to loyal customers

Consider leveraging the psychological game we play with ourselves, such as job titles, fraternities and invite-only services. People simply like to be part of exclusive clubs and feel special. You can increase your customer loyalty by setting up an exclusive VIP club. It takes money and time, but it will help you stand out from the competition. Reach out to high-performing customers, be in contact with those on the rise, have a dedicated VIP page, keep it exclusive (don’t invite too many people to the club), and personalize the process by sending them emails with company news, product updates, and special promotions.

6. Leverage customer testimonials

The majority of consumers are positively influenced by reading customer reviews when making a purchase decision. Satisfied and happy customers are the secret recipe for attracting new ones. Simply, ask your satisfied customers to give you a testimonial (which you can use to boost the effectiveness of your content marketing) or write a review. Customers are more likely to give you a testimonial if you offer them a membership to your loyalty program, direct incentive, or social recognition. Customer testimonials will make other potential customers more willing to buy your products and do business with you, but also boost your digital marketing efforts, such as email marketing, promotions, and social media campaigns.

These are some of the ways you can improve your customer retention. It’s difficult work, especially in today’s competitive market, when every business is trying to do the same. Get to know your audience first, and you’ll be able to create a strategy that will attract potential customers and retain them.



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