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Cut Costs & Stop Breaking Your Phone with These 4 Preventative Measures

A cracked screen or other types of damage on a cell phone is unfortunately common. Some people will simply make due with a small crack in their screen, but this could be rather annoying and bothersome over time. Others may pay a substantial amount of money to replace a cracked or shattered screen. When you repeatedly drop your phone and crack your smartphone’s screen, the cost can add up significantly. To reduce the chance of this happening again in the future, follow these tips.

Choose a Protective Case

A smartphone case is more than just a way to individualize your technological device. Its primary function is to protect your phone from damage. Unfortunately, many smartphone cases on the market today are simply thin pieces of decorative plastic that have minimal protective capabilities. If your goal is to protect your smartphone from damage, choose a case that can absorb shock and otherwise protect your phone better.

Invest in a Screen Protector

Screen protectors are thin sheets of clear, protective coating that are designed to be applied directly to your smartphone screen. Many people view them as primarily protecting a phone from scratches, but they can also minimize the risk of breakage and cracking if you drop the smartphone. If your phone does not currently have a screen protector, now is a great time to invest in one.

Store Your Phone in a Secure Pace

Accidentally dropping the device is a common cause of broken smartphones. For example, a phone may fall out of your pocket or the side of your purse while you walk or move around. It may even slip out of your hand if you are carrying multiple things. When your phone is not actively being used, it should be stored in a very secure, safe place. For example, it should only be placed in deep pockets rather than shallow pockets that only partially secure it.

Know When to Put the Phone Down

Another important step that you can take if you want to prevent smartphone damage is to simply know when to put the phone down. For example, if you plan to ride in a golf cart, go on a roller coaster or enjoy other activities that may make it difficult to hang onto the smartphone at all times, simply stash it away in a bag or in another secure location.

While damaged smartphone screens are common, many of these incidents could be prevented. Simply recognize all of the possible types of damage that are possible with your smartphone. Then, use these helpful tips to minimize the chance of these events happening with your own smartphone.

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