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Rooftop Advertising: How to Get into This Unique Form of Marketing

Rooftop advertising is and effective form of outdoor marketing. The roof of your building provides a secure and highly visible medium for large-scale ads. That empty space could be used to present flat text, billboards, 3-D shapes, or any form of advertisement at a scale that will draw attention to your business from a distance.

Use of Rooftop Advertising

This is especially common around airports where the passengers aboard every plane that takes off or lands can see your message. You can also get your rooftop advertisement on Google Earth for anyone looking at satellite views of your area. Textual ads such as business names, slogans, and 2-D graphics are perfect for this. You can also get large inflatable versions of mascots, products, or anything else suitable to your brand. Many striking and original advertising ideas become local or even national landmarks.


People tend to notice rooftop advertising immediately just because of its size. With novel designs, bright colors, and especially the wind-blown movement of inflatables, you have something that people won’t be able to ignore. It gives your business an edge through cost-efficient marketing that works every day. Rooftop advertising also boosts your brand recognition. Consumers will instantly recognize the giant images that they’ve seen in their travels or daily commute. There’s a wide variety of creative rooftop advertising ideas.

From a Distance

Depending on how tall your building is, your rooftop advertising could dominate the skyline. If your building is 50 feet high and flanked by buildings 60 feet high, you could advertising 30 feet high and still command attention. Additions like spot lighting and colored or blinking lights could further increase the visual appeal of your advertising at a long distance, especially after dark. As soon as people get close, the unique, massive shapes and bright colors come into focus to provide a sense of wonder.

Getting Started

First take the time to decide exactly what’s right for your business, budget and local building codes. Tall billboards can be expensive, but give you the potential to change messages once in a while. Custom inflatables can be expensive upfront, but are highly memorable and last for years. Text for overhead views is affordable but may not be noticed by local traffic. Be true to your brand; a funny mascot is ideal for a toy store but bad for a law firm. You should also consult with a roofing company like Stevens Roofing Cooperation—installing mounting hardware with cables and the pressure of wind gusts could have a negative impact on your roof’s durability and create openings for rain water.

When it comes to advertising, bigger is better. Your own rooftop gives you a platform to stand out in any way you can imagine.

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  1. Tariq sohail

    We are in Flemington Nj,
    would you know any painter/company which can paint name of our business on top of our roof.
    we have 45k sq ft room .
    appreciate your help.

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