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The Importance of Creating High-Quality Content

What kind of impact can content make, in terms of SEO? You’ve probably seen the phrase “content is king” everywhere around the Internet, but why do people toss it around so much? It’s because quality content is a crucial aspect of every SEO strategy. When it comes to content, quality is always a safer bet than quantity in terms of both common sense and metrics.

Google has made changes over the years, rolling out dozens of algorithm updates (from Penguin to Panda), each time slightly changing how they rank websites. The one thing that hasn’t changed is Google’s focus on quality content, meaning that it’s a huge ranking factor. Let’s take a look at why creating high-quality content is so important for your SEO strategy.

1. Online reputation and credibility

When you start writing and blogging for your business, mistakes are inevitable. This results in your posts being packed with outdated content in a matter of weeks, which harms your reputation, as well as the reputation of the writer responsible for it. It doesn’t mean that it will happen in the first few months, but once someone checks your past content practices and finds out that you didn’t conduct any serious research for your content, the outcome will surely be negative. Content consumers are becoming much more savvy, educated and discerning than they’ve been.

2. Building trust

Well-written content leads to more trust from readers. If your content is free of typos and reads well, it will look more legit and professional, making your blog seem more trustworthy. And if you gain your readers’ trust, you’ll attract more readers and ensure their return to read your next blog post or buy your products.

3. Understanding your message better

The aim of poorly-written posts is lost, whether their aim is to persuade, inform, or entertain people. Every blog post must convey some kind of a message, and people simply won’t understand it if the text is not written well. A message can be plain or complex, but it still remains the post’s purpose. When you finish writing a piece, read through it a few times to make sure that it’s free of typos and misspellings, nicely structured and well thought out, and the chances that your readers will understand its message will be much higher.

4. More attention on social media

People like to share well-written blog posts on their social media profiles. In order to have it shared around, you must first convince people to read the post itself, and have them think that it’s awesome enough for them to share it on their own Twitter or Facebook. Low-quality content won’t get shared, because the readers will stop reading it halfway through. When you receive validation from your audience and they share your links on their social media profiles, Google perceives these actions as social validation, and uses it to rank your links.

5. Lower bounce rate

The chances that your readers will actually stay on your website to read your post will be higher if your piece is nicely structured and well-written. This increases their “dwell time”, which is the amount of time someone spends on your website consuming information. As a result, your bounce rates will be lowered and eventually improve your site’s search engine ranking.

6. Good content means good marketing

According to a Hong Kong SEO company, we’re in an age of oversaturation, where it has become absurdly difficult to get a piece of content in front of enough people to make a difference. There’s a ridiculous amount of content being published daily, and even if you somehow manage to narrow your search to just half of the decently written content, you’re still left with thousands of content pieces to go through each month. This task is impossible.

Thus, we can’t ignore the increasing importance of content curators. These individuals (both machines and real live people) will become an integral part of your web reading experience. They’ll become necessary due to the sheer number of published content pieces, and high-quality content will surely attract their attention, telling their readers what to check out.

Writing great, high-quality content won’t immediately improve your website’s ranking, but in the long run, it will definitely impact your SEO in a positive manner. Well-structured posts that deliver a clear message have higher chances to receive social media attention, as well as lower bounce rates. They also result in higher conversions, which means that the chances of your readers returning to your website are rising.


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