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5 Advertising Options for Maximum Marketing Outreach

There’s hardly a site on the web that you can visit without being immersed in advertising. In today’s digital business environment, you have to think in terms of “going viral” to increase your brand’s outreach and build an audience. The greater your audience and recognition, the more people your advertising will reach and engage with. Here are some options to focus on for effectively expanding your reach.

Social Media Advertising

Many companies are setting up social media profiles on major sites like Facebook and Instagram to engage consumers. Remember that you have to present your brand in the best possible light and make your social presence a good experience for users. Interact with them by asking questions and collecting feedback. Be sure every post is providing helpful and memorable content related to your brand. You also have the option of paid ads that will stream to entire social groups, or variations to multiple groups. Learn what you can about advertising on each social platform.

Content Marketing

This is a concept that combines providing great material to your audiences that also incorporates search engine marketing. While you’re promoting your site for users, you’re also developing your SEO to rank higher with the search engines. Organic content is anything on your pages that improves search engine rank, such as keywords, links, and site design. Use this in tandem with paid ads (the links you see to the right on search engine result pages) to maximize your visibility with those searching on your keywords.

Email Campaigns

Requesting opt-in email addresses from your audience gives you a mailing list that you can use to build relationships. As a form of advertising, it’s similar to direct mail but is much faster and cheaper, and provides more options. Use email software to create messages for preferred customers, such as newsletters or special offers. Invite them to forward the email to friends. Make your email advertisements friendly. It’s also beneficial to cut back on the text and use headlines so that the recipient can review and understand them as quickly as possible. You can use software to personalize them for each customer for better engagement.

Display Ads

The many types of graphical ads, whether they’re banners or button links, are still effective. Add captivating images and sound or animations that demand the prospect’s attention. Pop-ups, floating ads, rotating images, and expanding ads are proven ways to get the attention of visitors. Just don’t over-use them to the point where your pages are cluttered or confusing. Ads that are difficult to read, understand, or dismiss will also irritate users. Used effectively, however, display ads can help to create positive reactions and motivate the user to take action. Include social media buttons to allow one-click sharing of your entertaining ads to all the major social networks.

Multiple Channels

Take advantage of different advertising platforms to reach out to new audiences. For instance, you could start making how-to videos for assisting customers with your products and posting them not only on social media and website pages, but on video-sharing sites like YouTube where they’re available to millions of new users. Some companies such as Nu Skin have found success making their own shopping apps for mobile users and offering them for download on iTunes, so this could be an option you consider. Be sure the app is appropriately branded for your company. These additional market place strategies are a great means for extending your reach to new audiences by serving different needs.

Improving brand recognition is essential to sales. Be consistent with your company mission and character as well as visual elements like logos. You can extend your reach by providing quality content across all your marketing channels. Make sure that you’re inviting visitors to share the content with their friends as part of your call-to-action.

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