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5 Small Businesses that Can Easily Be Run from a Storage Unit

Small businesses are not any easier because of their size and are known to require hard work and focused dedication as well, but they do have some advantages. One of the perks is that some small businesses don’t need any special location – they can be done from your home or a storage unit. Yes, you read it right – the storage unit where people usually keep their belongings is an ideal place to run a small business. It’s cheap, provides enough privacy and ideal for the small company of one or two employees. If you’re wondering what kind of business can fit in a storage unit, take a look at the following list. Who knows, maybe it will give you some fresh ideas.

1.   Crafts

Nowadays people more and more people turn their hobbies into businesses, and most of them don’t require much space or any special conditions except enough space to work. That’s why some of the crafts are perfect for offices in storage units. This makeshift workspace will give you enough room to store your materials and equipment, organize orders and shipments and, of course, create. The best part about this is that you can take the storage unit with you when you apply as a vendor on the festivals and other events which are the great opportunity for uniquely crafted items.

2.   Writer

You can write from anywhere since technology today is so advanced that those proficient and persistent enough can even type on their smartphones. However, writing is a specific job because it not only requires creativity but also staying focused and the certain environment. Some can work with their TVs on, some don’t mind the noise in the coffee shops, but those seeking the peace and quiet will feel as though they pulled the short straw. With storage unit, you can create the perfect environment. Picture this: massive, wooden desk and the lavish office chair comfortable enough to never want to get up, the battery LED lamp and your laptop, yoga mat to stretch the muscles and as a bonus, a huge armchair or a smaller couch to contemplate your ideas.

3.   E-shop

E-shop is maybe the ideal business to be run from the storage unit. You’ll have enough space to spread your products, pack them and sort the orders. This will help you avoid piles and piles of goods cluttering your house and creating the mess, and not to mention that some of those may be delicate enough and get damaged by the curious kids or pets. Once you prepare the orders for shipment, all you need is to contact the courier service and send them to your customers. As an additional helpful aid, you can sort the goods by type or alphabetically, and even install a whiteboard to keep the track of demand and supply in an old-fashioned way.

4.   Audio/video production

Turning the storage unit into a studio for audio/video production is something that can really help you while you’re starting off with this business. Depending on the unit size, you can place all sorts of equipment and props there. You can designate one part of the storage unit for the production, and other for post-production like editing and mixing. The best use of this space would be gained with soundproofing so that you can obtain the highest audio quality possible. And even that doesn’t have to cost much if you use some of the tutorials online on how to sound-proof on the budget.

5.   Fixing and repairs

You can do repairs almost anywhere, but you’ll look more professional if you have a dedicated space where you can do them without cluttering a garage or yard. Fixing things is also not so simple, especially when some delicate items are in question like ceramics or watches. It takes concentration and zero distractions to take care of the smallest detail. Storage units will give you that, and you can even use them near your home as an adjoining workstation. If you have a more demanding work like Sphere Constructions does, for instance, the storage units will be perfect to store equipment and machinery to take them anywhere where a job requires it.


Although storage units seem ideal, don’t rush into things before making sure that you can have safe and healthy conditions to work in. This means that installing ventilation source would be a great idea, especially if you work with toxic materials and dangerous chemicals. Also, always check the regulations about work safety and abide by them with no exceptions. The idea is to move forward with your business and grow bigger, and with health problems due to the inhumane working conditions, you will only do yourself a great disservice.

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