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6 Innovative Ways to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a valuable and easy-to-use marketing channel for your business or personal interests. With over 150 million active Pinterest users and over 50 billion pins, you may think that your own image boards are getting lost in the shuffle. It’s important to check now and then on your followers. Understand who they are what they like so you can tailor your boards to engage their interests. While many other people on Pinterest are doing the same thing, there are some creative strategies you can use to make your own pins stand out.

Develop Iconic Images

Companies like NuSkin have used pictures to convey not only their products, but also the feel and Think about what images can become icons that people will associate with you. It could be your building façade, a local landmark, your own portrait, a piece of iconic art, a signature product, your logo, a mascot, or anything else that can provide appeal and instant recognition of your focus or organization. Just make sure you have the legal rights or permissions to use any images from outside sources. Start using it in your marketing and feature it prominently on your boards.

Tell a Story

Take stock of your company history or personal journey and progress, from your humble beginnings to your current state. Hopefully you’ve saved some past photos that you can use to tell your story in a sequential or before-and-after format. People will engage better with a meaningful story. Brainstorm for some original but relevant stories such as awards, successes, charitable endeavors, or friends and customers you’ve touched by providing exceptional services. If you can come up with an on-going story, audiences will keep coming back to see the latest pins.

Use Video

Don’t forget that you also post videos to Pinterest. The higher the quality, the more people will engage with them. But you don’t need to invest in major productions. Shorter, to-the-point videos will get your message across without requiring any commitment from viewers. For example, a restaurant might post videos as brief tours of the kitchen and dining room, smiling customers enjoying a meal, and so on, alongside photos of delicious foods.

Be a Resource

Use your boards and pins to convey information. The right photos and captions can explain a lot to your followers in easy-to-understand, succinct terms. You could talk about your processes, hobbies, passions, product features, industry standards, and more. Take the opportunity to educate followers on your particular mission, relevant facts, and technology. You could even develop boards and sequences of pins to produce how-to manuals for your products or services.

Behind the Scenes

Pinterest photos and videos are a good way to highlight the people behind your or your organizations. It’s easier to connect emotionally with people than with things. Post quality photos of yourself and your family or leadership team, conferences and meetings, people hard at work, and company picnics or other social events. By portraying not just your products and services but yourself and your team as real, dedicated, and positive, you’ll engage followers at an empathetic level.

Hold Contests

Public contests can be a great way to both promote your company and come up with new ideas. Make it something fun and interesting but still relevant to your brand and industry. Offer a prize that will generate interest and encourage participation. It could be something as business-centric as coming up with a new ad slogan or product idea, or just popular interests like the best chili recipe. Think about seasonal contests like photos of the best pet Halloween costumes. You can garner attention both in advertising the contest, sharing pins of the entries, and eventually the winners and runners-up.

Your marketing on Pinterest is really only limited by your imagination. While you’ll want to keep things professional, don’t be afraid to have some creative fun or even get wacky on occasion if your followers are OK with it.

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