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Restaurant Owner? 3 Ways To Get In Touch With Customer Satisfaction

As a restaurant owner, you know that customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you’re willing to listen to those customers, you’ll be better able to respond to their needs and steer your business in the right direction. Unfortunately, it can often seem impossible to get accurate information on customer satisfaction from those who work for you. Instead of depending on employees for this information, why not get it directly from your customers? Below are three ways to help you keep an eye on the satisfaction of your customers.

Be Active On Social Media

If you want to stay connected with your customers, you’ll need social media accounts. These accounts will cost your business nothing, though you’ll need to spend time managing these accounts. Not only do they help give you a presence in the lives of your customers, but they give your customers a unique way to get in contact with you. It’s become increasingly common for customers to air their grievances and ask questions on social platforms, so you’ll want to be available to help them whenever possible.

Make sure you actively monitor these channels and make them useful. If you want customers to contact you, make sure someone is always standing by to answer questions. If you can be proactive, customers will actually go out of their way to let you know how your business is performing.

Cultivate Reviews

Customer reviews are a precious commodity these days. Not only do they help you get more information from your customers about what you are doing right (or wrong), but they also help provide valuable information for those who are thinking about visiting your business. If you really want to get in touch with customer satisfaction information, you must make sure to have a presence on major review sites.

At a minimum, make sure you leave a spot for customer reviews on your own website. You should also take advantage of Google’s reviews and Yelp. Make sure to boost customers who respond positively and to respond to anyone who responds negatively. In many cases, a respectful and helpful response to a negative review can still help you when it comes to customer satisfaction. Keep an eye on these reviews, as they’ll often help you determine how to steer your business going forward.


If you really want to know what your customers are thinking, try asking them. Having a survey made is quick and fairly painless but it can provide you with a wealth of information. Many customers may log onto a review site will still fill out a questionnaire in person, especially if there is a reward for doing so. If you format the questions correctly, you can even get good data.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to take these questionnaires. Provide an option for doing them in your place of business, but also give them the opportunity to do the survey online. If you do have an online survey, make sure it is optimized for mobile devices so that customers can do the survey on the go. If you give them the tools to give you information, you’ll find that most customers are happy to tell you what they think.

Keep track of social media, use review sites, and don’t be afraid to ask your customers for input. With the right tools at your disposal, you can gather information and help your business to focus on the areas that will bring in more customers. These tools require constant monitoring and updating, but they’re ultimately among the best ways to make sure that your customers are happy.

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