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Social Media Strategies: 5 Tips for Small Business Branding

Social media has changed the way business is done all over the world. Weary of advertising saturation in other media, the majority of social users prefer to do business with brands they’ve connected with on social networks. No matter the size of your company, the key to building your brand is following the right strategies on the major social sites. Those who fail to capitalize on this are missing many opportunities. For building up your small business’ online presence, it’s practically a necessity. Here are some strategies to use in social brand building.

Choose the Right Network

If you’ve tried several social sites already without much success, you’re probably squandering your time and effort. It’s important to discover which social network is right for your company. Pinterest, for instance, is visually oriented, while Twitter limits you to 140-character posts. First, you should identify which social site your market segment prefers according to demographics, then allow yourself time to learn the formats and etiquette that each particular set of users expects. When you feel you’ve got it covered, then create a profile on the next and start linking the two.

Create Visual Branding

If your visual look is too varied, people following you from one network to another may get the feeling that they’re dealing with a different company. Come up with a visual look to your brand that followers will recognize and become comfortable with. This is part of building trust. Come up with logos, image and media types, slogans, avatars, and color schemes that will give your social media posts a distinct look. Be sure to use the same photo filters, as well. Your visual style should reflect your official company site and be consistent across all your social media profiles.

Develop Your Character

Branding is also very dependent on the message you put out, or your brand voice. This also has to be consistent and appealing. Your company culture, philosophy, social causes, and everything else that makes up who you are as a company should be a part of your social posts. Discovering just exactly what your voice is could take some time. Be sure that it’s positive and expressed in an authentic manner. Finding ways to express it effectively will help audiences connect with your company at a more emotional, intuitive level.

Focus on Core Topics

No matter which social media platform you use, you’re liable to see many posts, even from your loyal followers, that you find objectionable, intriguing, or hilarious. Keep in mind that as a business, you’re best response is always to remain neutral and professional. Don’t get drawn into conversations on topics that might be offensive or that have nothing to do with your company or industry. Have a clear list of topics that you think will really benefit your business and your followers. If you have an employee or service manage your social activity, set clear guidelines upfront on what is or isn’t acceptable.

Use Digital Tools

Employ whatever analytic tools are available to track your progress. The relative success of each post could help you discover the content that works best on each social site. Particularly if you operate a B2B company, take advantage of other online tools to support your social branding. For example, add your company’s social information to Crunchbase. This site is a business data firm used by companies like Xyngular, investors, and more to track startup activity and small business growth. This can help key players in your industry find you.

It may seem like an uphill battle when you start out as a relative unknown. It will take some time and patience. But a strong social media brand can become the best and most productive marketing tool you have.

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