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7 Marketing Tools & Technology Tips for 2018

As we move into the New Year, thoughts inevitably turn to what we are leaving behind in 2017 – and what we can look forward to in the upcoming year!

In the Tech and the Marketing worlds it is usually a good idea around this time of year to peer at the horizon and predict a number of innovations and groundbreaking products in both of these worlds. After all, if you know in advance the tools and tech that will be lighting up 2018 then you are already a step ahead of the competition.


Downloading and use of apps is growing year on year. What’s more, because Apps are a medium people choose to download and use, they already come with a cachet of agreeability from the customer that is not typically generated by things like promotional e-mails.

These things in fact tend to alienate customers – reading rates for promo e-mails hover around 5% – so finding new ways to communicate with the customer is of growing importance – mobile apps may be just the things to do this.

Go Mobile

Very much in line with the above tip, it is worth noting that Mobile devices, mainly phones, are now the number one way that people browse the Internet. Around 51% of web visits are now performed on mobile phones – which also represents a year on year growth of 25%.

The savvy marketer therefore is going to be making sure his website is mobile friendly in 2018.


Experts are predicating that 2018 is going to be the year of the video. In an increasingly crowded marketing space, marketing experts are predicting that a into a more visual space is going to help some companies get the edge in garnering attention.

In a recent poll by HubSpot, some 45% of marketing pros stated an intention to add YouTube to their marketing plans in 2018.


Podcasts are big business – many of them achieve in excess of 100,000 downloads per week, and they can have a very loyal listening fan base.

What’s more you can tailor your advertising easily. Sell male grooming products? Get an advert into a sports based podcast.

Facebook – But Not as We Know It.

When it comes to marketing, Facebook is a giant and everyone wants to be involved. But, it’s very popularity, the sheer numbers of adverts and pushed posts can leave users immune to marketing via Facebook.

That’s why in 2018 smart marketers will be pushing Facebook Live. An Experiment at SearchEngine Journal found their Facebook Live posts received 178% more views that a normal Facebook entry.


No matter if you are making videos, podcasts or written articles the trend in 2018 will be toward education in your material. First it was inspirational themes, and then it was quirky and funny. Now the marketplace is clogged with these types of messages, consumers are looking for something else to engage them.

Educational material allows you to build a voice the customer trusts – and listens to.

Tell Someone Else’s Story

No wants to read your blog about your product.

They do want to read about your product can be used to save time for busy Mom’s, how it can help them relax after a hard day’s work or hw it can improve the lives of impoverished children.

Don’t push your product in 2018, push it’s story – and make it cross platform. Make videos, post blogs, create podcasts.


That is our final lesson too – and it’s going to be a big part of marketing in 2018 – advertise across multiple platforms. The days of spending big on a TV ad and waiting for sales to roll in are over.

In 2018, the great marketing campaigns will generate word of mouth on Twitter, they will have Facebook posts carrying links to Youtue videos.

Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.

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