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How to Design an Office to Impress Your Clients

You and your business space have only one opportunity to make a good first impression and stay in the pleasant memory of your clients. Of course, the best way to do so is to provide good service, have a welcoming and well-trained team and offer great prices for your services. However, your office can also make or break a deal, so make sure to pay attention to your office design and impress your clients in the best way possible.

Add color with textiles

According to The Psychology of Color, certain hues can have amazing results on your business. However, you don’t have to go and paint your entire office red to evoke excitement or black to say you mean business. Simple colorful decorative pillows or rugs can have a big impact too. They will also add to the feeling of comfort and make your clients feel relaxed.

Choose the right decoration

You can add color with textiles, but be careful with attention-seeking art pieces. The art you choose for your office should complement your color palette without drawing too much attention. Colorful wall art might look attractive, but it can also be quite distracting. However, do concentrate on finding original artwork. If you’re aiming towards a more studious design, you can install a bookshelf and fill it with classic works and useful books related to your business niche.

Introduce greenery

Plants, just like colors, have an amazing impact on people’s minds. They add life, fresh air and colors pleasing to the human eye. So, get a couple of indoor plants and impress your clients with your eco-friendly and well-decorated office. However, if you want to bring it up a notch and really leave a big impression, you can invest in green walls. They are growing in popularity quite fast and a lot of professional interior designers choose to incorporate them into office design. They will completely transform a boring indoor space, making it more inviting and fresh.

Smart and pleasant lighting

One of the main mistakes in office design is ugly fluorescent lighting. Instead, try to boost natural light in your space and spice it up with some stylish task lighting. Freestanding lamps are particularly interesting and useful, especially for lobbies.

Invest in good seating

Probably the most important part of every successful office is furniture. Sleek chairs and sturdy desks will give away the impression of professionalism. Furniture like high-quality Chicicat statement chairs will show your customers that you mean business.

Reinvent the reception area

Reception areas are slowly going out of fashion, especially for smaller companies that don’t have hordes of clients every day. However, companies that want to ditch the reception area are worried that their clients might feel confused and lost. But, you can provide your visitors with visual guides like wall signs or colored lines on the floor. These will make it easy to get around the office and you will impress your clients with your ingenuity.

Declutter for the win

Regular cleanups cost very little but leave a huge impact on your potential clients. A space that is clean and well-organized conveys a message that you’re a serious and responsible business that’s worth investing in. So, ban eating at the desk and provide the space with ample storage and garbage bins (recycling bins will additionally impress clients). Also, try to keep your cords in line with zip ties, Velcro strips and cord tubes for a completely neat and clean design.

So, don’t let your clients run in the other direction the second they see your workspace. Instead, welcome them with a beautiful, smart design and leave a long-lasting impression.

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