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Tips for Using Instagram for Real Estate

Real estate is a market that will never die. There may be periods of highs and periods of lows that are strongly dictated by the economy, interest rates, and the housing supply, but at the end of the day, there will always be people who want to buy or sell. Since there is always a market to advertise to, there is most definitely a need for agents and real estate companies to adjust their advertising strategies from time to time.

Newspapers may still be in print, but more and more people an opting to get their news digitally. This is why advertising property listings in print aren’t quite as popular as it once was even though the price has declined. One method real estate companies are starting to use to advertise properties digitally and socially is Instagram. While many use these pages to post selfies, entrepreneurial spirits have tailored their platform to propel their listings. Here are some ways Instagram can help agents:

Using the Photo Map Feature

One of the biggest ways that Instagram can be utilized specifically by real estate agents is by using the Photo Maps features. Every real estate agent can post a picture of a listing on their profile with a description. With the Photo Maps tool, you can show off your knowledge of a specific neighborhood by using the Geotag feature of the platform.

When you take a photo in a specific neighborhood, a thumbnail will appear on Google Map showing where the photo was taken. This is a great way to highlight the listings you have sold in the past and what events you attend relevant to the industry. You can even use SnapWidget, an application, to use the photo map on your own website.

Video Clips for Virtual Tours

Another great platform tool to utilize is the video share feature. You can either share a 15-second video clip on your profile showing strictly the features of the home that buyers are going to love. Make it a virtual property showing series that will keep people coming for more and sharing. Since people’s attention spans are shorter than ever, it is a great way to attract visually driven consumers.

Make a Digital Scrapbook

Having tile after tile of property pictures can be boring and lead to disinterest. One solution to combat the pictures that get lost in the crowd of Instagram is to use Flipagram. With Flipagram, you are making a digital scrapbook of property pictures. The pages flip and there is also music in the background. Best of all, you can share the finished product on all of your web pages and social media profiles by selecting the share button on the video.

From personal web profiles where you can create a business bio to video tours and widgets, there are so many ways to utilize Instagram. With the touch of a button, you can reach thousands or even millions in the country (depending on your following). When realtors and real estate companies keep up with the trends, they can reduce the time a house sits on the market.

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