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Website Marketing Tips for Businesses in 2018

Like many small business owners, one of your highest priorities in 2018 will be to get more traffic to your company website. You already have a blog started on your site and are updating it at least a couple times per week with fresh, high-quality content. And you’re sharing your blog posts in an effort to attract more readers and backlinks to your content. But what else can you do? What digital marketing trends look promising in 2018? Here are three of them.

Go Heavy on Video Marketing

Video marketing continues to grow by leaps and bounds. If you were only to focus on growing one aspect of your marketing strategy, this should be it. People want to watch videos. YouTube isn’t just for teenage pranks and silly cat videos anymore. Serious businesses like roofing companies, pizza franchises and car dealerships are all marketing their brands heavily with video content, and their customer base is loving it.

Whether you handle the entire process in-house by purchasing your own cameras and editing software or decide to outsource to a local marketing agency, the good news is that it’s never been easier or more affordable for small businesses to jump into video marketing. And the returns are well worth the investment. You could create helpful tutorials for small projects or show an inside glimpse of how your team performs their work. The possibilities are limitless.

Tweak Keywords for Voice Search

Voice dictation technology has evolved to the point that many people are now speaking their search terms into Google rather than typing them. Why is this significant? Most people speak a little bit differently than they write, so this is opening up keyword variations that are very differently from the types of keywords you’ve seen in the past. So you want to get a jump on those new keywords in order to outrank your competition.

Start Podcasting

You’ve heard for years that podcasting is a great way to get your content and brand out there in front of a whole new audience. Yet here we are in 2018, and you still haven’t taken the plunge. Well, it’s time to finally start that podcast. But if you are short on time and resources, you can still take advantage of this medium without breaking the bank.

One easy way to start is by repurposing your blog posts and video content. Strip the audio from your videos or have them transcribed. Similarly, convert your blog post text to spoken content and upload each piece of audio as a podcast. Or, if you don’t want to start your own podcast, find established podcasters in your niche and offer to be a guest on their shows.

As digital technology and the marketing landscape change, you need to keep up with the latest trends if you want to see rapid improvement in your website rankings and traffic levels. Follow these three marketing tips to make big gains in 2018.

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