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4 Tips To Maintain A Strong Brand Image On Social Media

Published on March 16, 2018 by in Guest Post

Social media channels provide you with the possibility of the most effective marketing strategies, but the variety of the platforms and different requirements and possibilities can get your brand scattered all over the web. The competition is vast and you need to be present everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. – which can result in the decrease of consistency of your brand. Every experienced social media management expert knows that the thing that makes your brand professionals and memorable is its strong identity. In order to achieve that your brand needs to be recognizable on all your social media accounts and achieving this consistency can be pretty challenging. Before the internet, all you had to do is to come up with a precise message and single constant, but today online resources can take your brand apart.  Everybody needs to adapt to these modern marketing techniques, and we’ve made a few tips how to go through that process and keep your brand in one piece.

1.Know your message

Every marketing is a kind of storytelling, so what determines your brand’s identity the most is the message it carries. You need to precisely determine your target audience and then think of the way how to express why they need your products and services. The most important thing is not the expression itself, but your own unique tone of its delivery. Once you find it the expressions can slightly change from platform to platform (or from post to post) but the tone you’ve chosen will be recognizable as your unique voice. In order to find the right tone for your brand, all you have to do is ask yourself some simple questions – are your products/services serious or playful nature?  Are they very informative or more casual? Make a list of every characteristic that you wish to implement in the perception of your brand.

2. Be consistent in its delivery

Once you’ve created your unique voice the next step is to keep it consistent.  That way your presence on every social media platform will be immediately recognizable. There are a few elements which require this consistency and the first one is the content you produce, of course. Keep the quality high and make it relevant to the industry you’re in.  Keep it informative, but keep in mind that you should also be consistent in how often you post on social media.   Don’t go on a spree for likes and comments because too many posts can lead to the increase of quality and it can also annoy your followers which all leads to the decrease in your credibility.

3. Introduce yourself

Never think that consistency is the same as automatization and repetition. One of the most important things when it comes to building brand identity is to show the human face behind it. People get attached to certain brands because of their need to belong somewhere.  You need to make them feel like they’re part of the family. That’s why it’s important to always keep in mind that your posts are for people and that they need to like them – imagine what you’d like to read as a customer.   Always find time to respond to the comments of your followers and questions of your customers – a brand without feedback is a dead one.  And keep away from those stock images – we live in modern times when making a decent photo has become child’s play. Post the photos of your office, employees, you can even make a warm and funny video from time to time.

4. Don’t recycle or ‛reinvent the truth’

Making your brand identity is all about being unique, so originality is a must-have characteristic.  That’s why you need to be creative in all your posts and you can’t allow yourself to duplicate content, even if you post it on different social media platforms. You can get away with updating the same content for a while, but you need to produce fresh and creative content. Just keep in mind that creativity doesn’t allow you to post untrue things – you should always be honest because the trust of your customers is the foundation of their loyalty.

As you can see, most of these tips are about consistency – you need to keep in mind that your brand image is already established in the business world.  When it goes online all you need to do is to keep the message clear, know how to deliver it, and be honest about it. In other words, you need to remain human.

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