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How Can Startups Better Manage Employee Satisfaction

Published on April 3, 2019 by in Guest Post
One of the most important factors for building a successful company is a competent and motivated team. However, all too often, employers neglect employee satisfaction because they are too busy focusing on other aspects of the business. The impact that employee satisfaction has on the overall results is hard to measure. Unlike quantifiable results such as the number of sales and the total revenue, employee motivation is more subtle. Because of that, startup companies often neglect proper human resource management and fail to realize how much impact it has on their business until it’s too late. Here are a few ways to improve employee satisfaction and make sure that it’s the driving force behind your company.

The hard truth

The first thing that every entrepreneur needs to realize, especially those that just started out, is that their employees are not as excited about the company as they are. Expecting everyone to be as devoted to your business as you is just unrealistic; after all, the motivations and the ultimate payout are different. However, as an employer, you still need to motivate the people that work for you and get them to care about their job. The trick is to balance your expectations and know what motivates every single employee and focus your efforts towards those things. 

The second hard truth that startup businesses need to deal with is the fact that they won’t be able to pay their employees as competitive of a salary as they could get somewhere else. This is where employee satisfaction plays an important role. Getting people excited about the prospect of building something new is what will keep them motivated even if salaries are not high. At the same time don’t expect the best experts in the field to come knocking on your door asking for a job. You should focus on hiring people that are qualified for the job but most importantly they need to be motivated and eager to learn and improve as your company grows. This way you will build up a team of people that care about the company and are devoted to its success.

Company culture

A company starts building its culture the very first moment that people start interacting with each other. Therefore if you want to have a positive company culture that will increase employee satisfaction and motivate people to do their best, you need to start working on it early on. If you don’t take action, the culture will develop on its own, and you might not always like the way it is heading. The first step to positive company culture is defining your values. Get people together and talk about what kind of values you want your company to be built on. After you have defined the values of your company make sure they are enforced every day. For those values to continue being part of your company, you need to focus your future hiring efforts towards them and only hire people that share the same values as your company.


A big part of building a startup company is optimizing all the different processes within the organization. Optimization is usually focused on the product or service that the company offers; however, optimizing human resource management is just as important. As the company grows so will the number of people working for you and the overall structure of the company will eventually have to change. You need to define proper communication channels within the company and make sure that information from one team to another is shared freely and frequently. Optimizing the payroll process is another good way to increase employee satisfaction as well as save you valuable time. Personalized employee income cardsare a big upgrade as they eliminate paper checks and get rid of unnecessary fees. Small optimizations like this can greatly increase employee satisfaction while also saving you lots of time. 

Building trust

Good leaders devote enough time to get to know their people. Try to actively involve yourself in your employee’s tasks and understand what their daily responsibilities are. At the same time don’t try to micromanage every single thing that they do. Trust is very important for every business, therefore you need to show your employees that you trust them while at the same time make them feel like you are available if they have doubts and need help. Try to say something nice to your employees every day. Recognition is a good way to raise morale by showing people that you value their work.

Startups are usually very dynamic and have to deal with a lot of challenges before eventually calming down into a more stable working environment. Because of that they often lose a lot of talented people along the way and spend an unnecessary amount of time on recruiting new employees. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many simple ways to manage employee satisfaction and these ideas are a good place to start.

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