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Sensitive Data Protection: 5 Ways to Take Cybersecurity to the Next Level

Published on May 22, 2019 by in Guest Post

In a world where information flows seamlessly from one part of the globe to the other, there can be no compromise on cybersecurity. No matter if you’re running a global business venture or a small local business, the need to protect sensitive business data as well as the personal information of your clients and customers is paramount. After all, the damage caused to your brand’s reputation from a single data breach could be irreversible.

That said, many business owners tend to believe that they have employed all of the necessary features to ensure no malicious attack in the online realm can breach their cyber defenses, when in reality, the threat to global business in the online world is higher than ever before. Here is what you need to do in order to prevent a disaster and take cybersecurity to the next level.

Educate your employees on proper procedures

First things first, understand that cybersecurity starts with your employees, and not with the software or firewall solutions you employ. Without a doubt, you will need to invest in comprehensive firewall systems to keep your data safe against nefarious online attacks, but first be sure to educate your employees on proper cybersecurity conduct as well as the standard procedures they can use to protect themselves, the company, and your customers.

You can start by conducting seminars and workshops intended to familiarize employees of all generations about proper online conduct, especially in situations when they are unsure if a cyberattack is looming in the near future. Remember, your employees can’t inherently know if they are being scammed for sensitive information, or if they are inadvertently participating in a cyber-attack if they come into contact with a skilled hacker. Teach them to recognize these scenarios and act accordingly in order to prevent data breaches.

Run a comprehensive data security audit

You might not want to believe that your company has weak points in its firewall or your cybersecurity structure in general, but that doesn’t mean that the threat is not real. In fact, by denying that a problem might exist, you are putting your company in danger of a cyber-attack, simply because hackers and online scammers are looking to exploit companies with the same mindset. Don’t allow this to happen.

Instead, have a team of professionals take a look at your entire cybersecurity infrastructure in order to find weak points. This can be done by your in-house IT team, or a remote team of professionals, preferably from a trusted cloud provider that specializes in data security and disaster recovery. By conducting a thorough security audit, you will gain a realistic overview of your strengths and weaknesses.

Enhance the strength of your firewall

Now that you have the necessary insights about your cybersecurity infrastructure, you can make calculated steps to enhance the strength of your firewall as a whole. Where many business leaders get things wrong is relying on outdated software firewall solutions. Personal antivirus software might be good for personal, at-home computers, but they can put a company at great risk.

This is why advanced cybersecurity measures such as firewall appliance solutions have become so popular in the business world in recent years, as they put a physical appliance between the web and your entire computer infrastructure to filter incoming traffic and guard it against nefarious attacks. This means that every computer and device will enjoy the highest level of protection with real-time detection as well as rapid response features.

Enable two-factor identification and change passwords

There are numerous ways hackers will try to get into your company’s archives. They will exploit loopholes and weak points, and they will try to obtain and use old passwords and credentials. This is where many businesses make their business mistake. You need to erase old passwords, accounts, and credentials from past employees as well as software you no longer use to prevent hackers from getting in through the back door.

Likewise, make sure to change the passwords to your computers and any platforms you might use on a regular basis in order to make it that much more difficult for online intruders to get into your system. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your passwords will not fall into the wrong hands, because even if your employees don’t share them with anyone, hackers can still data-mine them from your archives.

Migrate your business to the cloud

And finally, it’s time to migrate your business to the cloud if you haven’t already. Cloud storage solutions that are built on a hyper-converged infrastructure offer the highest level of data security, along with other useful features such as quick data recovery and comprehensive disaster recovery plans that will get your business up-and-running in no time.

Cloud storage also eliminates the need for cumbersome on-site IT and storage, and makes regular maintenance and upkeep a breeze. However, its most notable feature is the multi-layer level of security that ensures complete company-wide data protection at all times.

Final thoughts

Cybersecurity is a big issue nowadays, as hackers and scammers are recognizing the lucrative potential of breaking into company archives and extracting sensitive business and customer information. To prevent a potentially crippling scenario, be sure to implement these tips that will take your cybersecurity game to the next level.

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