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How Your Brand Can Increase Exposure Using Different Channels

Published on July 11, 2019 by in Guest Post

The days of traditional trading are long gone and even each brick-and-mortar shop needs to have at least a website, if not an e-commerce platform. Digital presence is vital if you wish for your business to thrive. It is not enough to have a good product – you need to have a strong brand around it, which will be recognizable and respected.

Besides a website, your brand needs to be seen and your products made available across other channels to attract more customers. If you are just getting into the digital business world, here are a few suggestions regarding channels across which you can spread the word about your brand.

SEO ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is any businesses’ best tool to get more exposure by ranking you higher on the search engine result pages. A carefully built strategy can do wonders for your sales as well. This is where keywords come into play, as ideas that represent your brand. Singular keywords such as ‘watch’ have a very high search volume, but it is difficult to compete with a multitude of watch selling websites. So, it is best to go with long-tail keywords which are phrases more related to your particular business, such as, ‘best men’s watches under $400’. You need to pepper your main page with keywords and to reach a kind of balance with your content, if you don’t have an in-house marketing team, make sure you hire a professional.


Blogging started as a diary-style piece of writing covering mostly life topics, and nowadays it is a prominent medium with a much wider scope. It usually contains opinions and recommendations of both professionals and amateurs on different topics. The best way to use this powerful channel to your brand’s advantage is to start a blog on your website. You can approach it from a strictly professional side and post only advisory texts which are specialized for your niche. On the other hand, to reach a wider audience, you can also allow guest authors and expand the topic list to cover also some more mundane everyday themes. People will enjoy reading interesting articles, share them, visit your website more and in doing that, raise awareness regarding your brand.


Modern trends encourage online shopping or at least conducting online research prior to purchase. We are used to getting as much information online as possible and then, if we have to, we go just to pick up what we intended to buy. Long story short, if you wish for your brand to be noticed, and to boost sales, having an e-commerce platform is a necessity. This is especially important for those businesses offering very specific products, such as, for example, tubulars and oilfield equipment, which allow customers from all over the world to acquire their goods. Such unique items might not be available in their country, or they might be much more expensive, even with the delivery fee included in the price of your product.

Social Media

In this digital era, if you don’t have a social media profile, it is as if you don’t exist. Your brand needs to connect with your existing and prospective customers, and social network marketing is the most cost-effective way to do it. There are plenty of options you can try, so, for example, you can start a competition for the most imaginative photo with one of your products. This will increase the number of shares and subscribers, broadening the pool of potential customers. The reward can be, besides a supply of your products, that the winner chooses the institution to which you will donate some funds. This is the type of positive exposure which is beneficial for both the brand and the charity cause.

Video Marketing

As a type of format, videos are quite popular – they are creative, mostly short and informative. Whether it is via YouTube or Vimeo, posting videos related to your brand can be just the right boost for your brand. When it comes to content ideas, you can get a celebrity to appear for a minute or two, or post some ‘How to’ content; that’s what people are interested in nowadays. The content doesn’t have to be entirely related to your brand: so, for example, short food preparation videos which all end with a set table, the prepared dish and a glass of Coca Cola, the brand in question. Of course, It is essential to connect your website with any of the channels that you might decide to use for video marketing.

Digital formats are unavoidable elements in your raising brand awareness strategy. You can be bold, and try a few channels and see what works best for your brand and customers. Alternatively, you can play it safe and either hire an external agency or gather an in-house team to help you find the most suitable solution.

Regardless of your approach, trials and errors, don’t forget that mistakes are a part of the path to success. If one strategy doesn’t work, take what experience and knowledge you can from it and move on to another one.

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