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How to Improve Customer Experience of Your Website

In the modern business world, it goes without saying that you need to establish an online presence. However, devising an amazing marketing strategy, having paid ads, and interesting social media posts will not get you the wanted conversion if your customers feel dissatisfied about the main face of your business – your website.

If they follow a link in the search for specific information and instead find a miss-matched pile of images, fonts, and numbers, they will simply move on to another website. This is because we are all busy and don’t have enough time and nerves to waste them surfing an unorganized website. With that in mind, here are some pieces of advice to help you improve your customer experience and perception of your website.

Learn about their preferences

One of the first tasks when it comes to improving customer experience is learning as much as you can about them and their preferences. In that manner, you will be able to share the appearance, functionality, and content of your website to their liking. Some of the useful data include their age, sex, occupation, marital status, geographic location, as well as device preference. There are many software solutions that can help you accumulate and analyze that kind of information among which Google Analytics is perhaps the most popular one owing to its user-friendly structure. Once you obtain these pieces of information, you will be able to target your audience more precisely.

Motivate an emotional bond

People are known for remembering stories far better than a bunch of statistics. Instead of showering them with an array of numbers and data, think of conveying your message in the form of a story. Your content should aim to create an emotional attachment towards your brand and stories are the best manner to do so. The choice of words, the style, and the overall tone can be skillfully combined to prompt curiosity, sadness, anger or affection, depending on your goal. And another crucial strategy is to strive to maintain the same elements in every piece of writing since if one content leaves an impression that it has been written by a teenager while another by a politician, your audience will be confused with the lack of consistency and your brand identity might be compromised.

Pay attention to the design

Since improving customer experience should result in a boost in conversion rates, content is not the only element to keep an eye on. Your website’s design is a major contributor to conversion, so the choice of pages, navigation, color scheme, font, images, etc. is vital for your success. However, sometimes is it difficult to express everything you want, while other times you yourself are not even certain which can create discord between your wishes and the actual design of your website. So, it is best if you ask the agency you hired to provide you with a detailed web design questionnaire so that both you and them are clear about what you wish to achieve. Not only will this clarify your vision but you will also be clear regarding the pricing and expected project duration.

Ask for feedback

No matter how much effort you put into creating an optimal website design and marketing strategy, it doesn’t mean that the customer experience will be up to par. In order to learn how your customers perceive your choices and your efforts, you need to ask them and the best thing to do is ask for real-time feedback. This means that incorporating live chat to your website is a good strategy that will allow you to get instant feedback and to be able to react swiftly if need be. To show your customers how much you appreciate them taking their time to share their experience, it would be good to send a follow-up email to thank them and reflect on their complaint, praise or question. Also, to take it a step further, connect each feedback to a specific customer support agent because that is how you also show your employees recognition for their contribution. 


Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try to take a look at your website through objective eyes – would you explore it or move on? Naturally, this also depends on whether you visited the site because of a concrete desire to purchase something or simply to check out the offer but no matter the initial intention, your website needs to be a smooth and tempting ride for your customers.

When you research their inclinations, you need to shape the content and the design based on them. And after asking for feedback to make sure everything is optimal, you will soon notice a rise in the conversion rates.

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