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Home Guest Post Can Minimalist Design Help You Generate More Leads?

Can Minimalist Design Help You Generate More Leads?

Published on March 23, 2020 by in Guest Post

A great product is never going to sell itself – you need your website to represent your values, and the overall design of the user experience needs to reflect the worth of your product or service. Now more than ever, that design can be the key point at which your customers will make their decision. In a sea of potentially similar brands, you may feel that putting more details and more information into every aspect of your design will help make you stand out, but it will actually do the exact opposite.

To avoid alienating customers and to make sure that your experience from product packaging to every single icon and image on your site is seamless, you should check out a guide for branding and go with the minimal approach. That way, you’ll preserve the key points you want to convey without depriving your website of its inherent emotional value. Here’s how minimalist design helps you generate more leads and convert more customers in the process.

Website performance improved

The more features and cumbersome design details you want to add, the more challenging it becomes for your site to load quickly and without glitches. That, in turn, deters your visitors from spending time on your site, and it can lead to a 7% loss in conversions. Even a single-second delay in loading speed can lead to such disastrous results, so it’s vital that you make sure your design works in favor of your website performance.

Focus on establishing the key elements of design you need on your site, and then work your way from there to eliminate anything else that serves no functional purpose and that prevents your visitors from enjoying the browsing experience. Such a stance will help you increase customer satisfaction and attract more leads in the process!

Calls to action stand out

A site brimming with clickable details and plenty of beautifully-designed features might seem visually striking to you, but it can actually be very confusing for the visitor to find the necessary category, contact your brand, or simply order from you. Calls to action merge with the rest of your site’s look, making it extremely difficult for visitors to buy. Even if you have a single software-based digital product you’re offering, each feature, icon, and call to action needs to stand out, and minimalism allows that to happen.

For example, icon design for tools allows brands to showcase the key features of the product while at the same time drawing attention to the key call-to-action buttons on the page. No clutter, no fluff, and simple, sleek design let the customers enjoy the content more and it simplifies their decision-making infinitely.

Meeting customer preferences

When brands keep adding functionalities and features to their site, they are merely following their misguided desire to help their customers find what they’re looking for. Clutter, however, achieves the exact opposite. Research by HubSpot has clearly shown that 76% of customers want website design that makes it simple for them to find what they need, which is perfectly accomplished with a minimalist take on your website look and feel.

Customers might already be on your site, which shows that they already want to interact with your brand, but to make sure you can actually qualify them as leads and convert them into buyers, you need your design to work in your favor: and they voted for minimalism.

Easier decision-making

Your customers sometimes head over to your site without a clear intent to buy. In such instances, if they are greeted by a slew of useless content, intrusive adds and pop-up notifications flashing in their face, they will hardly find the patience or the trust to keep browsing your site. Instead, they should be greeted by a sleek, simplified look and feel, so that they can focus on your product and your brand.

When they can process key information without major interruptions or design flaws, they can reach their decision significantly faster, especially since your polished website provided enough information without any fluff and presented it in a visually-appealing way.

Customers like having options, but simplifying their decision when they’re already on your site is going to become an advantage in favor of your brand. With minimalist design solutions, brands can actually achieve so much more with less, create a lasting impression, and cause their brand to be more memorable as a result. Use it to appeal to your own target demographic, and you’ll allow your presence to grow.

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