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Running A Startup As A Digital Nomad – What To Pay Attention To

Ah, being on the move, nothing quite like it. Nothing to bind us to a particular location, just the open road and a stable internet connection and we’re good to go. Although this lifestyle has a lot to offer, getting everything set up correctly can be a hassle and, like in all things, setting up a business model with this lifestyle in mind can be tricky. There are simply a lot of factors to take in and we need to be aware of all of them before taking the proverbial leap of faith.

Get a partner in crime

First and foremost, do not, I repeat, do not do it alone. This sort of lifestyle comes with its own brand of uncertainties and hurdles one needs to get over. This is why people need to find a business partner they can trust and who can help keep the fort down when the going gets tough. It’s imperative to find someone we can lean on and who, in many ways, resembles a marriage partner than anything else. It needs to be someone we can trust to make the right decisions and who won’t hold our nomadic lifestyle against us. Think of this person as your very own safety net, you’ll always have someone to turn to.

Start at home

However tempting it might be to pack our things and just start cruising state after state, we need to pull the brakes pronto. Setting up a business is by no means trivial, and treating this task as such is a one-way trip to disaster. Getting a business off the ground is hard, ask anyone who’s tried. There is absolutely no reason why we should make things even more difficult on us by having to juggle moving around all the time while trying to get things going. Travelling around will drain our budget and, at the start at least, that’s a cost we shouldn’t even consider taking.

Tread carefully

Once the business has gotten a foothold, we need to make sure we’re not barking up the wrong tree…or even the right tree at the wrong time. Dog metaphors aside, chasing after investors needs to be put on the backburner for a bit. This is simply due to the fact that any fundraising requires a valid proof of concept before heading out. Build a prototype, gauge the market, look at the numbers and see if your product or service does indeed merit funding. If it doesn’t, rethink your ideas and build another prototype. When it does, well, no need to hold back – get it funded and out on the shelves as soon as you can.

Plan ahead

As mentioned above, the company budget may be a bit thin when it starts out, and that’s perfectly fine. The trick is make the most out of our funds and bide our time as nickel turns to dime and dime turns into dollar. This can be a strenuous process and contains many a pitfall but advisory services and professional insolvency solutions that have you covered. Businesses dealing primarily in cases like these have years of experience to help fledgling startups get a solid footing and figure out where they need to pump money in to start moving up in the world.

Aim for good hotspots

Now that you have everything set up, it’s time to embrace the lifestyle and get started travelling. When figuring out where we want to go, our first destinations should be the ones we want to go. This will get us infected with the nomad lifestyle and will help us be more enthusiastic about places we should go. There are certain hotspots around the globe like Prague, Berlin, Portland or Bangkok which have become nomad hubs and have a lot more to offer than other cities. If nothing else, they are worth checking out for the sights and potential business opportunities one might find among people in the same line of work.

The gist

Setting up a good company takes a lot of effort, fitting in a nomadic lifestyle on top of it is a whole other ballgame. There is a lot of preparation that goes into making things work just like we want them to and we most-likely won’t see most problems coming until they hit us. This is why all of the points above need to be considered. With all of these in check, we will have a backup and a solution when faced with a problem, come what may.

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Rooftop Advertising: How to Get into This Unique Form of Marketing

Rooftop advertising is and effective form of outdoor marketing. The roof of your building provides a secure and highly visible medium for large-scale ads. That empty space could be used to present flat text, billboards, 3-D shapes, or any form of advertisement at a scale that will draw attention to your business from a distance.

Use of Rooftop Advertising

This is especially common around airports where the passengers aboard every plane that takes off or lands can see your message. You can also get your rooftop advertisement on Google Earth for anyone looking at satellite views of your area. Textual ads such as business names, slogans, and 2-D graphics are perfect for this. You can also get large inflatable versions of mascots, products, or anything else suitable to your brand. Many striking and original advertising ideas become local or even national landmarks.


People tend to notice rooftop advertising immediately just because of its size. With novel designs, bright colors, and especially the wind-blown movement of inflatables, you have something that people won’t be able to ignore. It gives your business an edge through cost-efficient marketing that works every day. Rooftop advertising also boosts your brand recognition. Consumers will instantly recognize the giant images that they’ve seen in their travels or daily commute. There’s a wide variety of creative rooftop advertising ideas.

From a Distance

Depending on how tall your building is, your rooftop advertising could dominate the skyline. If your building is 50 feet high and flanked by buildings 60 feet high, you could advertising 30 feet high and still command attention. Additions like spot lighting and colored or blinking lights could further increase the visual appeal of your advertising at a long distance, especially after dark. As soon as people get close, the unique, massive shapes and bright colors come into focus to provide a sense of wonder.

Getting Started

First take the time to decide exactly what’s right for your business, budget and local building codes. Tall billboards can be expensive, but give you the potential to change messages once in a while. Custom inflatables can be expensive upfront, but are highly memorable and last for years. Text for overhead views is affordable but may not be noticed by local traffic. Be true to your brand; a funny mascot is ideal for a toy store but bad for a law firm. You should also consult with a roofing company like Stevens Roofing Cooperation—installing mounting hardware with cables and the pressure of wind gusts could have a negative impact on your roof’s durability and create openings for rain water.

When it comes to advertising, bigger is better. Your own rooftop gives you a platform to stand out in any way you can imagine.

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The Importance of Creating High-Quality Content

What kind of impact can content make, in terms of SEO? You’ve probably seen the phrase “content is king” everywhere around the Internet, but why do people toss it around so much? It’s because quality content is a crucial aspect of every SEO strategy. When it comes to content, quality is always a safer bet than quantity in terms of both common sense and metrics.

Google has made changes over the years, rolling out dozens of algorithm updates (from Penguin to Panda), each time slightly changing how they rank websites. The one thing that hasn’t changed is Google’s focus on quality content, meaning that it’s a huge ranking factor. Let’s take a look at why creating high-quality content is so important for your SEO strategy.

1. Online reputation and credibility

When you start writing and blogging for your business, mistakes are inevitable. This results in your posts being packed with outdated content in a matter of weeks, which harms your reputation, as well as the reputation of the writer responsible for it. It doesn’t mean that it will happen in the first few months, but once someone checks your past content practices and finds out that you didn’t conduct any serious research for your content, the outcome will surely be negative. Content consumers are becoming much more savvy, educated and discerning than they’ve been.

2. Building trust

Well-written content leads to more trust from readers. If your content is free of typos and reads well, it will look more legit and professional, making your blog seem more trustworthy. And if you gain your readers’ trust, you’ll attract more readers and ensure their return to read your next blog post or buy your products.

3. Understanding your message better

The aim of poorly-written posts is lost, whether their aim is to persuade, inform, or entertain people. Every blog post must convey some kind of a message, and people simply won’t understand it if the text is not written well. A message can be plain or complex, but it still remains the post’s purpose. When you finish writing a piece, read through it a few times to make sure that it’s free of typos and misspellings, nicely structured and well thought out, and the chances that your readers will understand its message will be much higher.

4. More attention on social media

People like to share well-written blog posts on their social media profiles. In order to have it shared around, you must first convince people to read the post itself, and have them think that it’s awesome enough for them to share it on their own Twitter or Facebook. Low-quality content won’t get shared, because the readers will stop reading it halfway through. When you receive validation from your audience and they share your links on their social media profiles, Google perceives these actions as social validation, and uses it to rank your links.

5. Lower bounce rate

The chances that your readers will actually stay on your website to read your post will be higher if your piece is nicely structured and well-written. This increases their “dwell time”, which is the amount of time someone spends on your website consuming information. As a result, your bounce rates will be lowered and eventually improve your site’s search engine ranking.

6. Good content means good marketing

According to a Hong Kong SEO company, we’re in an age of oversaturation, where it has become absurdly difficult to get a piece of content in front of enough people to make a difference. There’s a ridiculous amount of content being published daily, and even if you somehow manage to narrow your search to just half of the decently written content, you’re still left with thousands of content pieces to go through each month. This task is impossible.

Thus, we can’t ignore the increasing importance of content curators. These individuals (both machines and real live people) will become an integral part of your web reading experience. They’ll become necessary due to the sheer number of published content pieces, and high-quality content will surely attract their attention, telling their readers what to check out.

Writing great, high-quality content won’t immediately improve your website’s ranking, but in the long run, it will definitely impact your SEO in a positive manner. Well-structured posts that deliver a clear message have higher chances to receive social media attention, as well as lower bounce rates. They also result in higher conversions, which means that the chances of your readers returning to your website are rising.


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Cut Costs & Stop Breaking Your Phone with These 4 Preventative Measures

A cracked screen or other types of damage on a cell phone is unfortunately common. Some people will simply make due with a small crack in their screen, but this could be rather annoying and bothersome over time. Others may pay a substantial amount of money to replace a cracked or shattered screen. When you repeatedly drop your phone and crack your smartphone’s screen, the cost can add up significantly. To reduce the chance of this happening again in the future, follow these tips.

Choose a Protective Case

A smartphone case is more than just a way to individualize your technological device. Its primary function is to protect your phone from damage. Unfortunately, many smartphone cases on the market today are simply thin pieces of decorative plastic that have minimal protective capabilities. If your goal is to protect your smartphone from damage, choose a case that can absorb shock and otherwise protect your phone better.

Invest in a Screen Protector

Screen protectors are thin sheets of clear, protective coating that are designed to be applied directly to your smartphone screen. Many people view them as primarily protecting a phone from scratches, but they can also minimize the risk of breakage and cracking if you drop the smartphone. If your phone does not currently have a screen protector, now is a great time to invest in one.

Store Your Phone in a Secure Pace

Accidentally dropping the device is a common cause of broken smartphones. For example, a phone may fall out of your pocket or the side of your purse while you walk or move around. It may even slip out of your hand if you are carrying multiple things. When your phone is not actively being used, it should be stored in a very secure, safe place. For example, it should only be placed in deep pockets rather than shallow pockets that only partially secure it.

Know When to Put the Phone Down

Another important step that you can take if you want to prevent smartphone damage is to simply know when to put the phone down. For example, if you plan to ride in a golf cart, go on a roller coaster or enjoy other activities that may make it difficult to hang onto the smartphone at all times, simply stash it away in a bag or in another secure location.

While damaged smartphone screens are common, many of these incidents could be prevented. Simply recognize all of the possible types of damage that are possible with your smartphone. Then, use these helpful tips to minimize the chance of these events happening with your own smartphone.

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5 Great Marketing Technologies for Maximum Impact

Marketing builds customer relationships and brand awareness. Without effective marketing tools you’re more likely to lose customers than to gain them. Inefficient marketing means lower revenue and limited growth. For your company to continue expanding in a digital age, you should consider some of the following marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing

Social platforms can grow awareness of your brand and products. However, this can be a big demand on your time. Facebook alone now has over 2 billion users. The answer is SMM software that employs analytics and search tools to track and measure the success of every post across multiple platforms and even automate posting of new content. These apps can also teach SMO (social media optimization) of your websites to develop the best social media strategies for leveraging this huge audience.

Content Management Systems

WordPress, for example, is a free CMS meant for bloggers, but there are other CMS platforms providing tools for needs such as educational or ecommerce sites. Most CMS solutions include HTML editors, easy software add-ons, document creation, image management, customer feedback, and SEO tools that allow you to easily add keywords, descriptions, and metatags to each page or post. A good CMS is essential to conserving time and effort on your content marketing.

Marketing Attribution Software

For marketers, attribution is identifying user actions, or “touch points,” performed in reaching a specific result, such as making a purchase or downloading a coupon. Each of these attributions, or events, is assigned a value based on its influence of customer decisions. Attribution software helps to track these values for more complete understanding of how the customer journey unfolds. You can easily determine what events are most impactful on the customer experience to increase your conversion rates.

Email Marketing Tools

Email is the faster, easier, and cheaper digital version of direct mail marketing. Software for email marketing isn’t new, but modern versions are more user-friendly and provide more features. Email software helps you to create multi-level correspondence such as newsletters or special offers and integrate it with customer lists from multiple sources for personalized messaging. It can also help you build and manage your email subscription list.


Enterprise resource planning software allows you to integrate a variety of tasks like inventory management, supply chains, scheduling, and much more into one centralized solution. ERP is perfect for providing wholesale distributors software, allowing you to establish and track metrics that drive sales and marketing activity. With your ERP data, you can make forecasts and plans to spot trends and align operations with sales initiatives and marketing campaigns. By integrating fact-based ERP, you ensure better customer satisfaction.

Not every software tool will be right for your business. But by visiting a company like Maximum Computer Systems and adapting your processes to key software tools such as those above, your marketing strategies will be more productive.

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10 Best Secrets for Personal Branding in 2017

Personal branding is a way to present yourself online and offline. You can make your identity through your branding and will be able to compete in a market. In 2017, with the popularity of social media personal branding becomes universal and provides a way to make your identity around the globe. If a person chooses the idea of personal branding, then he is taking full advantage of his personal, professional and business life as will be able to part of the victorious community of the society as nothing will be able to stop him at a point.

1. Online identity

Maintaining an online identity has so much worth in the field of online branding. If you stay in touch with the different social website, then you may acquire endorsement from others, and you take no time to make yourself as a brand, attachment with such trendy sites will help you out. The fact is that if you will be in the list of chic website then; as a result people will consider you as a brand.

2. Maintain personal website

You are going to brand yourself so you should have a virtual platform. A website is the best and most suitable virtual platform for personal branding. The website will demonstrate you and all other things which you want to show to the outside world. The primary concern is that you have to maintain an assured quality website as it will show your standard.

3. Link yourself with social apps

You are familiar with the popularity of social apps as these apps are in trend. So, you have to link with different social apps through maintaining and managing accounts on these apps so you can connect yourself with the people of various societies.

4. Identify your strength

Different people have different abilities to perform in life so try to discover the capabilities which you possess and never try to neglect your strength. Once you identify your power, then you will be on top of the personal branding because as it’s all about the abilities you have and you can do which others can’t do.

5. Focus on your uniqueness

Uniqueness exists in every person, business and field and even exists between the siblings. So, the thing is that you have to focus on your uniqueness which you have as uniqueness is the thing which works for you in personal branding. 

6. Learn new skills

It is famous saying that learning never ends through the whole life. Learning of new skills and up-gradation in new skills have benefits for you and for your branding as you will be able to perform and do different new things in life which you have never tried in your whole life.

7. Share your expertise

Learning new skills and techniques is a good approach but with the learning of new skills sharing your expertise with others is a plus point in personal branding as people want to learn from you. You can be a demand for people as they want to remain in touch with you because you will be a source of information for them so do share as much as possible. More you share your experiences; more you will gain popularity among different communities.

8.Never loss hope

Whenever you try new and different thing in life, it requires determination. In most of the cases, you may face failure and can’t achieve the outputs which you expect. The Same situation may exist in personal branding as you may encounter failure despite the fact of your efforts you made in this field, so the solution is that never give up just stuck with your efforts and do try again and again as try is the key to success.

9. Be patient

Struggle and patience is the demand of every field to be triumphant in life. You have to work with patience if you want popularity in personal branding as distraction and detachment from this work for little time can be risky for you.

10. Be determined with your priorities

The final rule of the success is that you have to define and set your priorities. The plus point of setting priorities is that you will be in a situation to do your tasks according to your define priorities and your branding career will be on top of the priority list so you can manage time to give proper dedication to this top priority.

Personal branding is not an easy task, may be difficult but not an impossible task in any case. You have to be a focus on your destination rather than to focus on the things which make you hopeless. Do all tricks which you think that you should to do and just stick to them. Do try to leave the habits and things which can reduce the chances of your success in your branding career.

Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for three years now. She had a fair share of writing in various niches but her main focus on business, finance, and social media, and technology. Currently, she is working with Aurion UAE who offers freezone company formation. They are providing their services across all states of UAE.

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How to Promote Your Startup

As soon as you create a startup, you need to start thinking about how to promote it. There’s a lot of competition in almost every industry and you need to find a way to make your business stand out from the pack.

This doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be done with a particular audience in mind and with a clear and detailed plan that covers a few different channels and a variety of media. Only that way you can be sure that your message is coming across as you wanted it to.

Customer service

Most businesses don’t see it that way but customer service is a form of advertising. Businesses spend most of their money on campaign ads and promotional tools, but customer service is the way most clients come in contact with the company. This is where you should present yourself in the best possible manner.

It should be left to professionals and used not only to solve the problems the clients are experiencing but to promote your business and its newest products and services at the same time.

Industry events

Corporate events are used to meet people from your industry. There are usually lectures, and CEOs use them to be informed about what’s happening in the industry. Besides this, most of the time is spent mingling and making business deals between the events. It’s important to attend these even if it puts pressure on your business because that’s how you get your name out there.

Once you’ve established yourself, you could even organize an event yourself. This way, you can become a key figure in your circles and use this position to get more work and gain more prominence.

Promotional products

Promotional products are a simple but effective tool to advertise your business. They should be useful items that get passed around a lot. That way, everyone that comes in contact with them will have a chance to see your contact information and notice your logo. Try to give away the products in bulk so you make sure they find their way to as many people as possible.

Pencils, planers, and USB drives are the most common way to go, but you could also get creative and order stress balls from Stressball Planet with your contact information printed on them.

Guest blogging

Every business should have a blog at this point. It’s a great way to communicate with your clients and it doesn’t cost you that much (except in terms of time and effort). You should try to make your posts relevant and engaging, but there’s more to it. Guest posting on the blogs of your competitors and peers is a great way to get traction and reach a wider audience.

It’s also customary to repay the favor and let others post on your blog as well. That way, your blog becomes a place where important conversations about the industry happen.


It’s important and lucrative for different parts of your business strategy to come together. That means that clients come from different backgrounds but still end up spending money and spreading the word about your business. It’s especially lucrative to mix your offline and online streams of income.

This is most effectively done via promotional codes and coupons. That way, your online customers get to feel as a part of a special group. At the same time, those that came through traditional channels could be persuaded to use your online services as well.

Having a clear plan for advertising could put your business on the map. You should try to use simple, inexpensive and effective methods that make the users and the customers come back.

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6 Tips for Retaining Customers

With a highly competitive market, especially in the Ecommerce world, improving customer retention is not as simple as it may seem. Customers are crucial for any kind of business success. The more of them you succeed to attract and retain, the more successful and prosperous your business will be.

In order to keep your customers happy and stay relevant, you need to optimize your strategies for customer retention. If your strategy is already strong, you can always tweak and improve it. This article is a guide for the best customer retention strategies to keep your customers coming back.

1. Content marketing

Customer retention strategies can be improved through content marketing, as people are biased towards products/services which they have stumbled across online or heard about from friends. By improving your content marketing strategy, you can remain in the minds of your existing clients and reach a wider audience of potential customers as well.

2. Improve customer experience

By making the consumer decision-making process better and more user-friendly, you can improve your customer retention strategy. From when they come to your website for the first time to when they experience your product or service for the first time, each step in the process impacts how much your customers want to come back. You can create a positive customer experience and increase customer retention by improving: website design (layout, color scheme, styles, fonts, etc.), loading time of your website, device compatibility, copy quality, navigation options, purchasing funnel, product packaging, shipping time and delivery, usability of the product/service, transparency, and relevance and quality of your marketing communication.

3. Maintain your good reputation

It’s in your best interest to keep your reputation good, and one way to ensure that is to guarantee the quality of your offer. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you’re not trying to cheat, but are staying true to your promises. If you want to show your customers that you’re serious about being honest, you can back your claims with a surety bond. It obligates you to protect your customers if something goes astray and you fail to deliver what you promised. Compared to the worth of maintaining a good online reputation, paying a low surety bond cost is a small price to pay.

4. Respond to customer feedback

Whether positive or negative, customer feedback is essential to any business. Respond to feedback accordingly, and it will show your willingness to make sure their experience remains positive. What can you do to improve your customers’ experience? Well, you can ask them and listen, and in that way, they’ll know that their opinion is valued. If you want to gain a better understanding of their point of view, try walking in your customers’ shoes, and leverage that knowledge to position yourself better.

5. Give special perks to loyal customers

Consider leveraging the psychological game we play with ourselves, such as job titles, fraternities and invite-only services. People simply like to be part of exclusive clubs and feel special. You can increase your customer loyalty by setting up an exclusive VIP club. It takes money and time, but it will help you stand out from the competition. Reach out to high-performing customers, be in contact with those on the rise, have a dedicated VIP page, keep it exclusive (don’t invite too many people to the club), and personalize the process by sending them emails with company news, product updates, and special promotions.

6. Leverage customer testimonials

The majority of consumers are positively influenced by reading customer reviews when making a purchase decision. Satisfied and happy customers are the secret recipe for attracting new ones. Simply, ask your satisfied customers to give you a testimonial (which you can use to boost the effectiveness of your content marketing) or write a review. Customers are more likely to give you a testimonial if you offer them a membership to your loyalty program, direct incentive, or social recognition. Customer testimonials will make other potential customers more willing to buy your products and do business with you, but also boost your digital marketing efforts, such as email marketing, promotions, and social media campaigns.

These are some of the ways you can improve your customer retention. It’s difficult work, especially in today’s competitive market, when every business is trying to do the same. Get to know your audience first, and you’ll be able to create a strategy that will attract potential customers and retain them.



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Most Suitable Marketing Strategies for SMBs

While it is true that major conglomerates and SMBs both need marketing, there is a huge difference when it comes to the approach. The first ones have an almost unlimited marketing budget and an already established brand name, while SMBs have neither of these things. This is why people behind their marketing campaign need to be extra resourceful and find the methods that yield the greatest ROI and are not that expensive to begin with. With this in mind, here are several marketing strategies that are universally deemed as the most suitable for SMBs.

Social media marketing

The first step an SMB must take in order to establish its online presence is get registered on several major social networks. Sure, you may already have a profile there and although personal branding may be quite useful, it is vital to also have business accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar networks. Using these networks is one of the best ways to ensure that your words reach the largest possible body of an audience at any given moment. In fact, at the moment, Twitter is more of a news medium than it is a social network.

Focus on your email marketing

Email marketing is still a preferred tool of communication for professionals all over the world, and it has a surprising impact in the world of B2B marketing. Furthermore, it is the strongest technique for post-sale follow-up, which is vital in generating return business. These return customers will in time start developing an astounding amount of brand loyalty and might even become brand ambassadors. Keep in mind, however, that the world of email marketing is also notorious for all the spam-bots circling around, which is why you need to learn how to write simple, effective and, above all, organic emails. Finally, due to the fact that most people access their emails through their phones first, make sure that the content of your emails is optimized for mobile.

Content marketing

Another great way to establish yourself as a figure of authority in your industry is through content marketing. By creating quality content that actually brings some value to your audience, you are A) establishing a level of trust between you and your customers and B) inviting them to visit again in order to learn more about that topic. Nonetheless, in order for this to work, you need to do two things right. First, you need to write quality content, which requires a lot of effort, skill and talent, and second, you need to constantly post so you’re not forgotten. In order for this to work, you would probably have to find a way to exploit the idea of guest posting to your benefit or look for regular contributors.

Start a contest

In the previous section, we mentioned that writing quality content provides value for your audience, but there is another way to achieve just that with a bit less effort. What you need to do here is simply start a contest of sorts and lure in more people by promising them a valuable reward. Of course, depending on the prize, this can be quite expensive, but the ROI usually makes it worth your while.

Turn towards traditional marketing

Finally, while digital marketing strategies usually require smaller investments, they are also somewhat less subtle than some of the traditional marketing methods. For instance, if you were to paint a company logo on your corporate vehicle, most of your audience would see this as a direct form of advertising but would not perceive it as invasive in any way. This especially goes for promotional products like branded T-shirts or personalized umbrellas. Due to the fact that these items actually add material value to their recipients, they are known to be quite effective in helping you create a positive public image.

Even though you may be restricted by your budget, this will only give you a chance to show your creativity and resourcefulness. By setting the right long-term goals, identifying your target audience and doing extensive research on your competition, you can easily determine which of the above-listed ideas sound the best.

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5 Ways to Increase Teamwork at Your Marketing Company

Your marketing company’s efforts to grow and succeed are either pushed forward or pulled back to the degree that your employees are able to work together as a team. Teamwork is something that everyone talks about, but few seem to know how to achieve it. Sure, people can be complicated, and what works for one organization might not necessarily work for yours. But there are some basic principles of fostering teamwork that seem to apply across the board. Try putting some of these team-building tips into play in your company and see how much of a difference they make.

Create a Team-Focused Culture

It all begins with leadership. As a manager, your actions, your words and your values set the tone in your organization. Everyone else takes their cue from you. So if you want to create a work environment that is more team-focused, that encourages teamwork and that builds in-house relationships, then it all starts with you.

So how can you build your organization’s sense of team identity? There are plenty of tactics and hacks that immediately come to mind. Can you picture an executive with his eyes closed, falling backwards and trusting everyone else to catch him? It sounds a little hokey, and maybe those gimmicks might not be right for your group. But they might get you thinking in the right direction.

Teamwork won’t happen by accident. That doesn’t mean you have to push everybody into it in an artificial way, but you do need to get involved. Start thinking of ways to do this. It might start out in subtle ways—maybe you could simply start using words like team, teamwork, us and our a little more deliberately. It’s a start.

Cross-train Your Employees

Once you begin shifting your mindset to be more inclusive and participatory, another great way to foster a team mentality is to start cross-training your employees. Pushing others out of their familiar roles from time to time can help everyone to see beyond their own cubicle and to get a grasp of the larger picture. This can foster greater appreciation for coworkers, and it can help each individual to make decisions that are not only good for them and their department but for the entire organization as a whole.

Allow Workers to Use Their Strengths

One of the most powerful methods for boosting productivity—especially on a large-scale basis—is to enable people in your organization to focus on their strengths. When people are able to do work that they love, they put a lot more effort into it and are far more productive. They feel happier and achieve a greater sense of satisfaction from their work.

Now, sometimes this might mean that you’ll need to give your team more freedom to explore their career paths within your company. And you might also need to empower them to make decisions without you. That can be scary for you, if you’ve never done it. But if you’ve hired good people, then there’s nothing to fear. You will unleash their potential, and your whole organization will benefit from it.

Improve Communication

There are many ways to improve communication in your company, including an overhaul of your current practices in terms of meetings, committees and communications technology. But one of the best ways to improve communication and build your team’s effectiveness can be to utilize group messaging apps. Sure, memos are great, but this isn’t 1985. There are better ways to communicate and share information at the speed of thought, so don’t limit your team to outdated, slower methods. Let them use the technology at their fingertips to eliminate barriers and work together more smoothly.

Reward Excellent Performance at the Group Level

Everybody wants to be appreciated, and one of the best ways to show your appreciation to your employees is to reward them for a job well done. But sometimes your efforts to build people up can actually work against you—and them. Instead of only focusing on individual rewards, try letting your team work together to come up with goals and rewards that they can work toward as a team. This can go a long way to cement their relationships and unify their efforts toward a common goal.

Keep in mind that many of these ideas work best as they are implemented together. Improved communication combined with empowerment and group rewards create a synergistic effect that will raise your whole team to a higher level.

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