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A Little About Me

As a hardworking, passionate and creative professional, I work diligently to provide a high-quality level of service. I am a leader who strives to give clients the right type of service when they need it most. Clients count on me to keep the up on the latest technology and only tell them about those products that can impact their bottom line.

My past experiences include working in several non-profit communication departments and I spent 12 years in retail doing various roles including management. In a large part, my past experience gives me the advantage of seeing my work from both a business and creative viewpoint. This unique combination allows me to give clients products that meet their needs on a variety of different levels.

Lastly, I am known as the type of guy who gets things done. Many of my clients point to the fact that I keep them on their toes as a reason to why their dreams become a reality. I don’t day-dream about what could be. I get to work and make it happen.

On the Personal Side

I am married to my lovely wife, Heather, and we have two wonderful children. My work allows me the fantastic ability to be a stay-at-home dad and I relish the time I am spending with my two young sons, Tyler and Cody. Our very creative and wonderful daughter, Emily, spends time with us during the holidays and summers.

I enjoy being outdoors, playing golf, working out and watching/refereeing sports.