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What makes working with me advantageous to your organization? You have a communications person already, right? Communications doesn’t really matter, right. So, why even consider bringing me in?

As I have met and continue to meet with people, I find there is always that light bulb turns on moment. I get that it isn’t always obvious why you would want to work me. While every situation is different, let me try to generalize it for you.

Let’s first clarify that communications does matter. I believe communications is an umbrella term that refers to marketing, social media marketing, Public Relations and graphic/web design. Point blank, donors/customers need to find you, be sold on your marketing materials and then be sold on you. How your materials sound and look ultimately makes a tremendous difference in your organization’s bottom line. Like our donors/customers, we make decisions based on these somewhat trivial factors every day when we go shopping, choose a restaurant and even when choosing a gas station.

Alright, so communications does matter. And you have hired a communications person, mission accomplished right? Nope. Sorry. Why? Over the past decade, communications has dramatically changed and now includes web sites, social marketing campaigns and an ever changing electronic world. One person fits all just doesn’t cut it for most organizations. I admit as a contractor, I have a hard time filling the various needs of my clients no matter how many hours I work. There is simply too much varied, skilled work to be done. Just because you can write a press release doesn’t mean you can code a website. They are simply very different skills.

Having a lot of different, varied work that is important to attracting a variety of donors/customers is a big reason why you would want to hire me. I offer a variety of services that can begin building your communications department and/or can subsidize the skills your current staff has. Quite often, I find that a communications person might be strong at working the media and writing press releases, but gets bogged down updating the website. In many cases they are simply keeping the website running rather than expanding and growing it. By bringing me in, you are simply letting that person concentrate on what they do best while I fill in the gaps. I also bring many years of experience and can offer insight/advice on how to maximize your communications efforts.
The next time you see some cool idea or want to try to something, don’t dump that project on someone who doesn’t have the ability or let it go to waste. Give me a call and start moving forward.