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My Services


I provide Public Relations and Marketing support to organizations looking to have consistent messaging and branding. This consistency combined with a quality pitch improves the organization's ability to attract media and donors/buyers attention.


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My clients often refer to me as the 'bottom-line minded' designer. I work to create pieces that reinforce your branding, look professional and help highlight your organization. I also look for any opportunity to save you money on printing costs as well as finding innovate solutions to your needs.


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I have been writing a variety of grants for organizations ranging from cancer research, professional dance troupes to food banks for several years now. My approach is to learn about your organization, research funders through grants guides and then immediately work on putting out several grants/letters of inquiry to a funding group that I deem as “highly likely.” I do this to get the ball rolling as to speak and to immediately work on return on investment.


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From My Blog

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    As a restaurant owner, you know that customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you’re willing to listen to those customers, you’ll be better able to respond to their needs and steer your business in the right direction. Unfortunately, it can often seem impossible to get accurate information on customer satisfaction from those who

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    The internet has transformed the way that companies communicate with their customers, presenting businesses with new challenges as well as fresh opportunities for growth. Since potential customers have hundreds of pages of information at their fingertips when they are browsing the web, businesses should expect them to research, compare and communicate with each other during

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    Pinterest is a valuable and easy-to-use marketing channel for your business or personal interests. With over 150 million active Pinterest users and over 50 billion pins, you may think that your own image boards are getting lost in the shuffle. It’s important to check now and then on your followers. Understand who they are what

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    Small businesses are not any easier because of their size and are known to require hard work and focused dedication as well, but they do have some advantages. One of the perks is that some small businesses don’t need any special location – they can be done from your home or a storage unit. Yes,

  • 5 Advertising Options for Maximum Marketing Outreach

    There’s hardly a site on the web that you can visit without being immersed in advertising. In today’s digital business environment, you have to think in terms of “going viral” to increase your brand’s outreach and build an audience. The greater your audience and recognition, the more people your advertising will reach and engage with.