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I provide Public Relations and Marketing support to organizations looking to have consistent messaging and branding. This consistency combined with a quality pitch improves the organization's ability to attract media and donors/buyers attention.


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My clients often refer to me as the 'bottom-line minded' designer. I work to create pieces that reinforce your branding, look professional and help highlight your organization. I also look for any opportunity to save you money on printing costs as well as finding innovate solutions to your needs.


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I have been writing a variety of grants for organizations ranging from cancer research, professional dance troupes to food banks for several years now. My approach is to learn about your organization, research funders through grants guides and then immediately work on putting out several grants/letters of inquiry to a funding group that I deem as “highly likely.” I do this to get the ball rolling as to speak and to immediately work on return on investment.


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From My Blog

  • 3 Reasons Scheduling Software Saves The Social Media Business World

    A timely post to a social media platform can lead to higher conversions, more buzz for your brand and a slew of other benefits. However, there may be times when you want or need to post something overnight or at another time in which you can’t be at the computer. With social media scheduling software,

  • IT Illiterate? How to Minimize Technological Challenges in Your Company

    When it comes to running a modern company, you don’t always have to be a tech-savvy business owner for the purpose of achieving success in your chosen industry. Nevertheless, there will be times when your business acumen will be tested with technological challenges.

    Even if you are not the most technologically inclined business owner, your

  • 5 Types of Software Your Business Needs to Invest in

    There has been such a surge in the introduction of new technologies in just the last ten years that it is difficult for business leaders and even employees to keep up. There is ample incentive, however, for all businesspeople, no matter how modest their company is, to look into the possibility of using new and

  • How to Build Up Your Brand Platform Online and Off

    Every business needs a brand platform. Creating a brand and logo for a startup or new business requires studying the relationship between your target markets and your specific business offerings. A brand platform is the basic structure of sales and marketing of the business offering that creates the broadest range of visibility and branding within a

  • How to Resist the Destructive Temptations

    For a long time, scientists believed that giving a loud promise to commit an action contributes to its future execution. How surprised they were when recent studies found quite an opposite: words and actions are perceived nearly identically by our brain. That means thoughts about resisting a temptation indirectly lead to giving in to the

  • How to Write a Striking Resume

    Your resume is verified and looks great, but you still can’t get the job of your dream? Drawing the attention of HR-specialists may be difficult, especially if you send the CV to a large company, where the manager gets hundreds of emails daily. Thus, the only way out is to be somehow different from others.

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