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I provide Public Relations and Marketing support to organizations looking to have consistent messaging and branding. This consistency combined with a quality pitch improves the organization's ability to attract media and donors/buyers attention.


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My clients often refer to me as the 'bottom-line minded' designer. I work to create pieces that reinforce your branding, look professional and help highlight your organization. I also look for any opportunity to save you money on printing costs as well as finding innovate solutions to your needs.


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I have been writing a variety of grants for organizations ranging from cancer research, professional dance troupes to food banks for several years now. My approach is to learn about your organization, research funders through grants guides and then immediately work on putting out several grants/letters of inquiry to a funding group that I deem as “highly likely.” I do this to get the ball rolling as to speak and to immediately work on return on investment.


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From My Blog

  • How To Maintain Brand Consistency Across Different Channels

    Consistency is what customers expect and love in a brand. 

    Let’s think about Lush for a moment. All these lovely colors and scents, combined with the raw form of their natural products, will bring around bouts of guilt-free indulgence, happiness and fun whenever you walk into their store. 

    Your experience will be pretty much the

  • 4 Tips for Traveling To an International Business Conference

    Even though most of our international business communications have gone fully digital, International conferences are still one of the preferred ways for expanding a professional network of contacts and meeting new associates abroad.

    Still, traveling to an international business conference can be stressful. Whether you’re a presenter or an attendee, you have numerous roles to

  • Tips for Companies That Want to Endorse Sustainability

    Global warming is not the thing of the future but the thing of now. Humankind stands witness to great changes planet earth has gone through in the past 50 years and people are waking up to the fact that life as we know it is in danger. Many species of flora and fauna are already

  • How to Improve Customer Experience of Your Website

    In the modern business world, it goes without saying that you need to establish an online presence. However, devising an amazing marketing strategy, having paid ads, and interesting social media posts will not get you the wanted conversion if your customers feel dissatisfied about the main face of your business – your website.

    If they

  • How to Improve Client Relationship in a Digital Marketing Agency

    In a bubbly and creative world of digital marketing, it is not always easy to establish and sustain a harmonious relationship between an agency and a client. Change of circumstances is a valid cause for a client to change the agency but misunderstandings and an unprofessional stance are something to be entirely avoided.

    The rapport

  • How to Grow Your Sales Team Effectively

    Sales teams are hard to grow. The job is demanding and turnover is relatively high, with even good workers quitting after failing. However, the need for a sales team is always there and it cannot be ignored. With the averages for turnover reaching as high as 34% in 2017, it suddenly becomes very obvious just